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Emerson GL (Gas Motive) Jet Pumps

Gas Motive Low Head (GL Series) Emerson Jet Pumps from Flow Factor

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Features of Emerson Penberthy Jet Pumps (Eductors)
• Simple design with no moving parts to wear out. • No lubrication required.
• Virtually maintenance-free.
• Easy to install without special structures or 
• Self-priming.
• Cast, fabricated or non-metallic 
• Variety of materials to suit specific characteristics of the process liquids.
• Critical flow paths machined smoothly with
  no abrupt turns or steps, producing the most efficient flow during the motive function.

General Application 
Suitable for a broad range of applications including: handling condensate, pumping wells, circulating solutions, emptying cesspools, pumping brine solutions, extracting solvents, draining cellars, pumping out barges, acidifying, causticizing oils, producing emulsions,elevation water.

Technical Data
Materials: Bronze, iron, carbon steel, 316 SS, PVC, CPVC, PP, PVDF
Sizes: 1⁄2” to 12”
Pressure range: 
15 to 200 psig (1 to 13.8 barg)
Temperature(max): 200°F(93°C) 

Emerson Penberthy GL Series Jet Pump

(Low Head) Series Eductors / Jet Pumps
1    GL-08HC
1 1/4GL-10HC
1 1/2GL-12HC
2    GL-16HC
2 1/2GL-20HC
3    GL-24HC
4    GL-32HC

Emerson Bronze GL
(Low Head) Series Eductors / Jet Pumps
1    GL-08BZ
1 1/4GL-10BZ
1 1/2GL-12BZ
2    GL-16BZ
2 1/2GL-20BZ
3    GL-24BZ
4    GL-32BZ
Emerson Penberthy Cast Iron GL
(Low Head) Series Eductors / Jet Pumps
1    GL-08IR
1 1/4GL-10IR
1 1/2GL-12IR
2    GL-16IR
2 1/2GL-20IR
3    GL-24IR
4    GL-32IR
Emerson Penberthy Carbon Steel GL
(Low Head) Series Eductors / Jet Pumps
1    GL-08CS
1 1/4GL-10CS
1 1/2GL-12CS
2    GL-16CS
2 1/2GL-20CS
3    GL-24CS
4    GL-32CS
Emerson Stainless Steel GL
(Low Head) Series Eductors / Jet Pumps
1    GL-08SS
1 1/4GL-10SS
1 1/2GL-12SS
2    GL-16SS
2 1/2GL-20SS
3    GL-24SS
4    GL-32SS

GAS MOTIVE (AIR/STEAM) Jet Pumps for Pumping or mixing Liquids or gases up to 50 psi discharge head pressure

Operation for Penberthy Emerson Gas Jet Pumps
All Emerson jet pumps operate on the principle of a fluid entraining a second fluid. Although design and construction may vary, this applies to all jet pumps.
All Emerson jet pumps have three common features: inlet, suction and discharge. They function as follows:
Inlet - The operating medium (liquid or steam) under pressure enters the inlet and travels through the nozzle into the suction chamber. The nozzle converts the pressure of the operating medium into a high velocity stream, which passes from the discharge side of the inlet nozzle.
Suction - Pumping action begins when vapor, gases or liquid in the suction chamber are entrained by the high velocity stream emerging from the inlet nozzle, lowering the pressure in the suction chamber. The resulting action causes the liquid, gas or vapor in the suction chamber to flow toward the discharge.
Discharge - The entrained material from the suction system mixes with the operating medium and acquires part of its energy in the parallel section. In the diffuser section, part of the velocity of the mixture is converted to a pressure greater than the suction pressure, but lower than the operating medium pressure. 

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Flow Factor

Low Head Series GL Emerson Penberthy Jet Pumps Eductors

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