Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Jefferson Valves Series 1335 General Purpose Valves

Flow Factor Sells Jefferson 1335 Series Valves

1335 Series

2 Way Solenoid Valves – General Purpose

From Jefferson Valves

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Main Characteristic

Normally Closed and Normally Open
Direct Acting. No minimum differential pressure to operate
or Pilot Operated.
Brass or Stainless Steel Body
3/8″, 1/2″ and 3/4″ NPT (BSP  upon request)
Coil: Encapsulated Class H 356F with DIN Connectors or flying leads (upon request)
Wide Range of Pressure ratings,
Diaphragm: Buna N seats and seals (Neoprene, EPDM, and FKM available)


Washing Machines
Lubricated air, hot air dry air, etc.
Oxygen and acetylene equipments
Fuel oil, diesel and gas burners
Vacuum systems


Explosion Proof
Weather Proof
Manual Operator

Nema 4 and 7 Series 1335 Jefferson Solenoid Valve

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Saturday, September 8, 2018

ASCO 8210 Series Valves from Flow Factor

ASCO 8210 Series Solenoid Valves - Popular Models


ASCO 8210G001 120/60 Solenoid Valve
ASCO 8210G001 24/DC Solenoid Valve
ASCO 8210G002 120/60 Solenoid Valve
ASCO 8210G002 24/DC Solenoid Valve
ASCO 8210G003 120/60 Solenoid Valve
ASCO 8210G003 24/DC Solenoid Valve
ASCO 8210G004 120/60 Solenoid Valve
ASCO 8210G004 24/DC Solenoid Valve
ASCO SC8210G004 24/DC Solenoid Valve
ASCO 8210G007 120/60 Solenoid Valve
ASCO 8210G008 120/60 Solenoid Valve
ASCO 8210G008 24/DC Solenoid Valve
ASCO 8210G009 120/60 Solenoid Valve
ASCO 8210G009 24/DC Solenoid Valve
ASCO 8210G022 120/60 Solenoid Valve
ASCO 8210G022 24/DC Solenoid Valve
ASCO 8210G034 120/60 Solenoid Valve
ASCO 8210G034 240/60 Solenoid Valve
ASCO 8210G034 24/DC Solenoid Valve
ASCO EF8210G037 120/60 Solenoid Valve
ASCO 8210G054 120/60 Solenoid Valve
ASCO 8210G054 24/DC Solenoid Valve
ASCO 8210G093 120/60 Solenoid Valve
ASCO 8210G093 24/DC Solenoid Valve
ASCO 8210G094 120/60 Solenoid Valve
ASCO 8210G094 24/DC Solenoid Valve
ASCO 8210G094MO 120/60 Solenoid Valve
ASCO 8210G095 120/60 Solenoid Valve
ASCO 8210G095 24/DC Solenoid Valve
ASCO 8210G100 120/60 Solenoid Valve
ASCO 8210G100 24/DC Solenoid Valve


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Friday, September 7, 2018

Solenoid Valve Coils from Parker Hannifin Skinner

Parker Hannifin Solenoid Coils from Flow Factor

Gold Ring and Skinner Brands

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H111B2                   Parker Coil KIT 24/60
H111C1                   Parker Coil KIT 12VDC
H111C2                   Parker Coil KIT 24VDC
H111C4                   Parker Coil KIT 48VDC
H111C6                   Parker Coil KIT 120 VDC
H111P3                   Parker Coil KIT 120/60
H111Q3                  Parker Coil KIT 240/60
H148P3                   Parker Coil KIT 120/60
H172P3                   Parker Coil KIT 120/60
H1GLC2                   Parker Coil KIT 24VDC
H1GLP3                   Parker Coil KIT 120/60
H2223N                  Parker Coil KIT 125VDC
H222C2                   Parker Coil KIT 24VDC
H222C4                   Parker Coil KIT 48VDC
H222C6                   Parker Coil KIT 120 VDC
H222C8                   Parker Coil KIT 240VDC
H222P3                   Parker Coil KIT 120/60
H222Q3                  Parker Coil KIT 240/60
H2723N                  Parker Coil KIT 125VDC
H272C6                   Parker Coil KIT 120 VDC
H322B2                   Parker Coil KIT 24/60
H322B6                   Parker Coil KIT 120/60
H322C1                   Parker Coil KIT 12VDC
H322C2                   Parker Coil KIT 24VDC
H322C6                   Parker Coil KIT 120 VDC
H322P3                   Parker Coil KIT 120/60
H322Q3                  Parker Coil KIT 240/60
H372C2                   Parker Coil KIT 24VDC
H611C2                   Parker Coil KIT 24VDC
H611P3                   Parker Coil KIT 120/60
H8GLP3                   Parker Coil KIT 120/60
HZ03C2                   Parker Coil KIT 24VDC
HZ04C2                   Parker Coil KIT 24VDC ATEX
HZ09C2                   Parker Coil KIT 24VDC ATEX
HZ09C6                   Parker Coil KIT 120 VDC ATEX
HZ09P3                   Parker Coil KIT 120/60 ATEX
HZ09Q3                  Parker Coil KIT 240/60 ATEX
HZ103N                  Parker Coil KIT 125VDC ATEX
HZ10C1                   Parker Coil KIT 12VDC ATEX
HZ10C2                   Parker Coil KIT 24VDC ATEX
HZ10C6                   Parker Coil KIT 120VDC ATEX
HZ10P3                   Parker Coil KIT 120/60 ATEX
HZ10Q3                  Parker Coil KIT 240/60 ATEX
HZ11C2                   Parker Coil KIT 24VDC ATEX
HZ96A2                  Parker Coil KIT 24/50 ATEX
HZ96B8                   Parker Coil KIT 240/60 ATEX                   
HZ96C2                   Parker Coil KIT 24VDC ATEX
HZ96F4                   Parker Coil KIT 230/50 ATEX
J111B2                    Parker Coil KIT 24/60
J111C1                    Parker Coil KIT 12VDC
J111C2                    Parker Coil KIT 24VDC
J111P3                    Parker Coil KIT 120/60
J111Q3                   Parker Coil KIT 240/60
J222C1                    Parker Coil KIT 12VDC
J222C2                    Parker Coil KIT 24VDC
J222P3                    Parker Coil KIT 120/60
J322C1                    Parker Coil KIT 12VDC
J322C2                    Parker Coil KIT 24VDC
J322P3                    Parker Coil KIT 120/60
JB16-12VDC          Parker Coil 12VDC    
L111B2                    Parker Coil KIT 24VDC
L111C1                    Parker Coil KIT 12VDC
L111C2                    Parker Coil KIT 24VDC
L111P3                    Parker Coil KIT 120/60
L111Q3                   Parker Coil KIT 240/60
L148P3                    Parker Coil KIT 120/60
L222C1                    Parker Coil KIT 12VDC
L222C2                    Parker Coil KIT 24VDC
L222P3                    Parker Coil KIT 120/60
L222Q3                   Parker Coil KIT 240/60
L2A                           Parker Coil KIT 12VDC
L2B                           Parker Coil KIT 24VDC
L2E                           Parker Coil KIT 24/60
L2F                           Parker Coil KIT 120/60
L2G                           Parker Coil KIT 240/60
L322C1                    Parker Coil KIT 12VDC
L322C2                    Parker Coil KIT 24VDC
L322P3                    Parker Coil KIT 120/60
L322Q3                   Parker Coil KIT 240/60
LZ12C2                    Parker Coil KIT 24VDC
LZ30C2                    Parker Coil KIT 24VDC
S100B2                   Parker Coil KIT 24/60
S100C2                   Parker Coil KIT 24VDC
S100P3                   Parker Coil KIT 120/60
S100Q3                  Parker Coil KIT 240/60
S200B2                   Parker Coil KIT 24/60
S200C2                   Parker Coil KIT 24VDC
S200C6                   Parker Coil KIT 120 VDC
S200P3                   Parker Coil KIT 120/60
S2TBC2                   Parker Coil KIT 24VDC
S2TBC6                   Parker Coil KIT 120 VDC
S2TBP3                   Parker Coil KIT 120/60
S2TBQ3                  Parker Coil KIT 240/60
S300C1                   Parker Coil KIT 12VDC
S300C2                   Parker Coil KIT 24VDC
S300P3                   Parker Coil KIT 120/60
S3TBC2                   Parker Coil KIT 24VDC
T100B2                   Parker Coil KIT 24/60
T100C1                   Parker Coil KIT 12VDC
T100C2                   Parker Coil KIT 24VDC
T100C3                   Parker Coil KIT 36VDC
T100P0                   Parker Coil KIT 24/50-60
T100P3                   Parker Coil KIT 120/60
T101C1                   Parker Coil KIT 12VDC
T101C2                   Parker Coil KIT 24VDC
T101P3                   Parker Coil KIT 120/60
T101Q3                  Parker Coil KIT 240/60
T2A                          Parker Coil KIT 12VDC
T2B                           Parker Coil KIT 24VDC
T2E                           Parker Coil KIT 24/60
T2F                           Parker Coil KIT 120/60
T2G                          Parker Coil KIT 240/60
V5630F24              Parker Coil 63-73 OHMS              
V5631F24              Parker Coil 134-158 OHMS            
V5634F24              Parker Coil 561.2-658.8 OHMS        
V57724F24           Parker Coil 4.0-4.9 OHMS            
V57724FS81         Parker Coil 4.0-4.9 OHMS            
V57727F24           Parker Coil 14.9-17.5 OHMS          
V57727FS81         Parker Coil 14.9-17.5 OHMS          
V57730F24           Parker Coil 60-70 OHMS              
V57730FS81         Parker Coil 60-70 OHMS              
V57731F24           Parker Coil 125-147 OHMS            
V57731FS81         Parker Coil 125-147 OHMS            
V57734F24           Parker Coil 482-588 OHMS            
V57736F24           Parker Coil 1288-1512 OHMS          
VZ03C2                   Parker Coil KIT 24VDC ATEX                    
VZ03P2                   Parker Coil KIT 110VAC ATEX                     

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Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Parker Hannifin Skinner Solenoid Coils

Flow Factor Sells Parker Hannifin Skinner Solenoid Coils

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CF4C01                   Parker Coil 24/60V 11W 18 Inch leads     
CF4C05                   Parker Coil 120/60-110/50 11W 18 Inch leads
CF4C15                   Parker Coil 240/60-220/50 11W 18 Inch leads
CF4E05                   Parker Coil 120/60-110/50 11W 36 Inch leads
CFEC01                   Parker Coil 24/60  Parker Coil             
CFEC05                   Parker Coil 120/60  Parker Coil             
CFEC15                   Parker Coil 240/60  Parker Coil             
CFGC15                   Parker Coil 240/60-220/50 11W 18 Inch leads
CFOS05                  Parker Coil 120/60-110/50V 11W
CFPH01                   Parker Coil 24/60  DIN 11W        
CFPH03                   Parker Coil 24/50-60V DIN 11W     
CFPH05                   Parker Coil 120/60-110/50V DIN 11W
CFPH15                   Parker Coil 240/60-220/50V DIN 11W
CFSB01                   Parker Coil 24/60V 11W 6 Inch leads_SPBX      
CFSB05                   Parker Coil 120/60-110/50V 11W 6 Inch leads_SPBX
CFSB15                   Parker Coil 240/60-220/50V 11W 6 Inch leads_SPBX
CH4C01                   Parker Coil 24/60V 11W 18 Inch leads     
CH4C05                   Parker Coil 120/60-110/50 11W 18 Inch leads
CH4C15                   Parker Coil 240/60-220/50 11W 18 Inch leads
CHDS05                  Parker Coil 120/60  Parker Coil             
CHEC05                   Parker Coil 120/60  Parker Coil             
CHGC05                  Parker Coil 120/60-110/50 11W 18 Inch leads
CHGC15                  Parker Coil 240/60-220/50 11W 18 Inch leads
CHPH01                  Parker Coil 24/60V DIN            
CHPH02                  Parker Coil 24/50V DIN            
CHPH03                  Parker Coil 24/50-60V DIN         
CHPH05                  Parker Coil 120/60 110/50 DIN 11W 
CHPH15                  Parker Coil 240/60 220/50 DIN 11W 
CLA0628U18         Parker Coil 33-40 OHMS              
CM32                      Parker Coil PLGR ASSY                    
CMB2234N18       Parker Coil 104-122 OHMS             
CMB2238N18       Parker Coil 602-708 OHMS            
CMB2241N18       Parker Coil 2640-3100 OHMS          
COB2401                Parker Coil 18.4-21.7 OHMS          
COL0603SS14      Parker Coil 198-233 OHMS            
COL0603SS7         Parker Coil 198-233 OHMS            
COL0604SS14      Parker Coil 785-921 OHMS            
COL1008SS7         Parker Coil 274-322 OHMS            
COL1201SS12      Parker Coil  377-443 OHMS           
COL1201SS20      Parker Coil  377-443 OHMS            
COL1202SS16      Parker Coil 1 596-1 874 OHMS        
COL1202SS20      Parker Coil 1 596-1 874 OHMS        
COL1501SS12      Parker Coil 69 - 81 OHMS            
CV50127U24        Parker Coil 14.9-17.5 OHMS          
CV50130U24        Parker Coil 60-70 OHMS              
CV50130U66        Parker Coil 60-70 OHMS              
CV50134U24        Parker Coil 482-588 OHMS            
CV50136U24        Parker Coil 1288-1512 OHMS          
CV5LAJVF24         Parker Coil TEST PER VMR-0108        
CV5LBAMF24       Parker Coil TEST PER VMR-0108       
CV5LDALF24         Parker Coil                         
CV5LDDPF24        Parker Coil                         
CZ01R8                   Parker Coil KIT  240/480V               
CZ01R9                   Parker Coil KIT  120-240/60HZ          
D100B2                   Parker Coil KIT 24/60
D100B6                   Parker Coil KIT 120/60
D100C1                   Parker Coil KIT 12VDC
D100C2                   Parker Coil KIT 24VDC
D100C6                   Parker Coil KIT 120 VDC
D100P3                   Parker Coil KIT 120/60
D100Q3                  Parker Coil KIT 240/60
D1D1C2                  Parker Coil KIT 24VDC
D2002K                   Parker Coil KIT 208/60
D200B2                   Parker Coil KIT 24/60
D200C1                   Parker Coil KIT 12VDC
D200C2                   Parker Coil KIT 24VDC
D200P0                   Parker Coil KIT 24/50-60
D200P3                   Parker Coil KIT 120/60
D200Q3                  Parker Coil KIT 240/60
D300C1                   Parker Coil KIT 12VDC
D300C2                   Parker Coil KIT 24VDC
D300M5                 Parker Coil KIT 74VDC
D300P3                   Parker Coil KIT 120/60
D300Q3                  Parker Coil KIT 240/60
D3D1C1                  Parker Coil KIT 12VDC
D400B2                   Parker Coil KIT 24/60
D400P3                   Parker Coil KIT 120/60
D400Q3                  Parker Coil KIT 240/60
D500C1                   Parker Coil KIT 12VDC
D500C2                   Parker Coil KIT 24VDC
D6A                          Parker Coil KIT 12VDC
D6B                          Parker Coil KIT 24VDC
D6E                          Parker Coil KIT 24/60
D6F                          Parker Coil KIT 120/60
D6G                          Parker Coil KIT 240/60
DA01C2                  Parker Coil KIT 24VDC
DA01P3                  Parker Coil KIT 120/60              
DF4C01                   Parker Coil 24/60V 16W 18 Inch leads      
DF4C05                   Parker Coil 120/60-110/50 16W 18 Inch leads
DF4C15                   Parker Coil 240/60-220/50 16W 18 Inch leads
DFEC05                   Parker Coil 120/60  Parker Coil 16 Watts       
DFEC15                   Parker Coil 240/60  Parker Coil   16 Watts          
DFPH01                  Parker Coil 24/60 DIN 16W         
DFPH05                  Parker Coil 120/60-110/50V DIN 16W
DFPH15                  Parker Coil 240/60-220/50V DIN 16W
DFSB05                   Parker Coil 120/60-110/50 16W 6 Inch leads SPBX
DH4C05                  Parker Coil 120/60-110/50 16W 18 Inch leads   
DHPH05                  Parker Coil 120/60-110/50V DIN 16W
DHPH15                  Parker Coil 240/60-220/50V DIN 16W

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