Monday, October 31, 2016

Robertshaw Industrial Capacitance Level Controls

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Single Point Level Controllers

Robertshaw offers RF capacitance level control technology for virtually any substance in any type of vessel. Solid state, digital designs offer on/off and continuous level measurement in all types of vessels. Robertshaw's cutting edge level instrumentation can accurately measure conductive or non-conductive liquids and granular materials.

Robertshaw's microprocessor based instruments feature patented PFM (Pulse Frequency Modulation) transmitter technology. With this technology, the transmitters convert the probe signal to a variable period digital pulse output. These pulses are transmitted via two ordinary wires (up to one mile transmission capability) to the microprocessor controller. The microprocessor manipulates the pulses and provides a 4-20 mADC signal, relay actuation for alarm, or both, depending on the particular model. No primary power lines are required as the unit is powered by the same two wires that transmit the pulse to the controller. Set point data is easily entered via a simple toggle switch, push button, or keypad (depending on model), thereby eliminating the need for tools and providing consistent results regardless of operator skill. Robertshaw level instrumentation accurately gauges liquids, powders, granular, lump and flake materials.

The 310 Level-Tek is a remotely mounted, RF capacitance sensing, on/off control and display instrument.
The Robertshaw Model 310 LEVEL-TEK is an all new RF capacitance sensing, on-off Control and Display Instrument. Used primarily for detecting and controlling product level changes in vessels or containers, it provides contact closure for external control action by means of a DPDT plug-in type, dust tight relay. The weather-tight unit has alarm lights. This instrument is available with a choice of three supply voltage variations, has adjustable differential (deadband) and adjustable time delay (response time). All adjustments are multi-turn by means of sealed potentiometers.

 The 5100 Level-Lance is a microprocessor-based, advanced technology, on/off level detection instrument.

The Robertshaw Model 5100 Level-Lance is a microprocessor based, advanced technology On-Off level detection instrument. By utilizing the microprocessor, the device can be calibrated without screwdriver adjustments or knobs to turn. The simplicity of the "Auto Set" calibration is the ultimate in level control ease of adjustment.
The Model 5100 has eight (8) separate and individual programs preprogrammed into its memory. These programs let the user select the "type" of On-Off control action best suited for the application. The eight programs are field selectable by means of a 10 position rotary switch.

The Robertshaw Model 5318B Level-Tek is a RF capacitance point (On/Off) level switch, which employs all solid state electronics for detecting predetermined product level changes in tanks, sumps, silos and other vessels or containers. The Model 5318B is capable of detecting a wide variety of products, including liquids, powders, granular, lump and flake materials. The product can be either conductive or non-conductive.
The Model 5318B is self-contained and uses microprocessor based digital circuits to ensure long-term stability, reliability and reduced maintenance. Control signals are provided through the contacts of a DPDT relay. The instrument features adjustable time-delays that are individually adjustable for both "Alarm" and "Return-to-Normal". There are either fixed or adjustable differential settings available. The unit is available for either AC or DC supply voltages. 

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