Sunday, February 24, 2019

Parker 71395SN2KVJ1N0L111C2 3-Way Valve

Flow Factor Stocks the Parker 3-Way Solenoid Valve 71395SN2KVJ1N0L111C2

Flow Factor stocks the Parker 7000 series three way solenoid valve 71395SN2KVJ1NOL111C2

Applications for this Parker Skinner 3-way solenoid valve include; pilot valve for an air valve, pilot valve for cylinders, diverting valve for air or water, and other general purpose valve uses.

The Parker 71395SN2KVJ1N0L111C2 is a 1/4 inch valve, rated to 125 PSI and css with a 24vdc NEMA 4 coil.  The coil can be changed to 12 vdc, 24/60, 120/60 or 240/60.


Parker 71395SN2KVJ1N0L111C2

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