Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Penberthy Jet Pumps

Penberthy jet pumps from Flow Factor

Penberthy Jet Pump (eductor)

56877-090   GL series STEEL

56877-010   GL series IRON

56877-030   GL Series STAINLESS

56875-010   GL series IRON

56876-000   GH series BRONZE

56844-000    LL series  BRONZE

56870-000   GH series  BRONZE

56849-020   LH series PVC

56847-020   LH series PVC

56873-010   GL series IRON

56877-000   GL series BRONZE  1-1/2 inch

56874-010   GH series IRON

56880-000   GH series BRONZE

56876-030   GH series  STAINLESS

56864-030  GH series in Stainless

Penberthy eductors cane used for mixing, heating and blending of gases, liquids and some solids.