Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Parker Gold Ring Over Stock Solenoid Valves

Over Stock and Close-Out Parker Solenoid Valves and Coils at Flow Factor

Parker Gold Ring 08F22C2140ACFWC4208 120/60
Submersible Coil
1/2 Inch Normally Closed Valve, 5-100 PSI with Brass Body

Parker Gold Ring  08F34C2140AAF 3way Valve Body
10-150 PSI, Brass Body, Needs AF style AC Coil

Parker Gold Ring BFGC01 Solenoid Coil 24/60, Nema 1

Parker Gold Ring BFGC05 Solenoid Coil 120/60, Nema 1

Parker Gold Ring BFGC15 Solenoid Coil 240/60, Nema 1

Parker Gold Ring CHGC01 Solenoid Coil 24/60, Nema 1
Type H insulation for coil temps to 353F - can be used in lieu of a CF coil

Parker Gold Ring CFGC01 Solenoid Coil 24/60, Nema 1

Parker Gold Ring CFGC15 Solenoid Coil 240/60, Nema 1

Parker Gold Ring 04F20O3108ADFPH05 120/60 Valve
1/4 inch ports, Normally Open Stainless Valve
205 PSI air, 190 PSI water, 180 PSI oil


Parker Gold Ring 04F30O2108ACF  3-way Valve Body
Normally Open, 70 PSI max and mounting holes on back of valve


Parker Gold Ring 06F22C2140ADF  2-way Valve Body
3/8 Inch ports, Normally Closed, 5-300 PSI - Requires Type DF AC solenoid

Parker Gold Ring 04F20C1108AAFPH05  120/60 Valve
1/4 inch ports, Normally Closed Brass Valve, DIN style Coil
140 PSI Air, 165 PSI Water, 90 PSI Light Oil

Parker Gold Ring 02F20C1103AAF  2-way Valve Body
1/4 inch ports, Normally Closed, 0-750 PSI - Requires type AF AC solenoid

Parker Gold Ring 04F20C1106A1FOK90  120 VDC Valve
1/4 inch ports, Normally Closed Brass Valve, Screw Terminals style Coil
150 PSI Air, 125 PSI Water, 125 PSI Light Oil
Could exchange another TYPE A1F DC coil in 12 or 24 vdc voltage

Parker Gold Ring 02F20C1106A1FOS75  12 VDC Valve
1/8 inch ports, Normally Closed Brass Valve, Spade Terminals style Coil
150 PSI Air, 145 PSI Water, 145 PSI Light Oil
Could exchange another TYPE A1F DC coil in 24 vdc voltage

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Sunday, April 30, 2017

Barksdale BPS Pressure Switch

Pressure Switches From Flow Factor

BPS3000 Electronic Pressure Switch sets the benchmark

Barksdale BPS Switch

  • Compact and modern design
  • Rotatable 320° display and electrical connection
  • 4-digit 14 segment LED display
  • High EMI protection 
  • IP65/IP67 enclosure rating
We are pleased to announce the first release of the Generation 3000 Series: the BPS3000, an electronic dual pressure switch with a 4-digit display. The BPS3000 is part of Barksdale’s new Generation 3000 Series of electronic products that will soon include Temperature, Level and Flow sensor technology.

With a panel height just under four inches, and a diameter well under two inches, the BPS3000 allows for a compact installation. The large 14 segment LED angled display is aesthetically pleasing and allows clear readability of the process pressure. Even if the unit must be mounted upside down, the internal software is capable of rotating its display 180°. Plus, the 320° rotatable electrical connection and display housing, makes installing the unit very simple helping reduce installation costs allowing for versatility of installation method and location.  Robust EMI protection allowing for stable output in today’s factories where EMF and high powered walkie-talkies are present. Additionally, the IP67 class rated housing makes this unit suitable for the wettest of environments, and even full submersion.
Pressure ranges are available from 0 to 3 psi up to 0 to 9000 psi, with absolute pressure ranges up to 150 psia. Multiple process connections are offered as standard from ¼” NPT to 7/16” SAE just to name a few. The BPS3000 also offers
transmitter functionality by supplying analogue output signals 0 to 10 V DC to 4 to 20 mA respectively. The readable range can be set during installation enabling more flexibility.

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Friday, March 31, 2017

Parker Angle Body Valves

Flow Factor Sells Parker New Angle Body Valves

Parker Angle Body ValvesThe Parker Angle Body Valves series PA is an pneumatically-actuated valve driven by a piston and is capable of handling slurry solutions with particles or corrosive solutions at high temperatures up to 356 F and PSI ratings up to 232.

The Parker PA series Angle-Body valves are good for hazardous rated 

areas and fill needs in industries like food and beverage, water 

technology, pharmaceutical, chemical and sterilizers. Benefits include 

visual position indicator, anti-water hammer, stainless steel valve bodies 

and actuators, any position mountable and tight shut off.


Parker PA10S1N3S050A, 3/8 inch 2-way Valve, 0-232 psi, NC, 304SS

Parker PA10C1N3R032S, 3/8 inch 2-way Valve, 0-232 psi, NC, 316L SS, Compact

Parker PA15S1N4S050A, 1/2 inch 2-way Valve, 0-232 psi, NC, 304SS

Parker PA15S1N4R050S, 1/2 inch 2-way Valve, 0-232 psi, NC, 316L SS

Parker PA20S1N5S050A, 3/4 inch 2-way Valve, 0-232 psi, NC, 304SS

Parker PA20S1N5R050S, 3/4 inch 2-way Valve, 0-232 psi, NC, 316L SS

Parker PA25S1N6S063A, 1 inch 2-way Valve, 0-232 psi, NC, 304SS

Parker PA25S1N6R063S, 1 inch 2-way Valve, 0-232 psi, NC, 316L SS

Parker PA32S1N7S063A, 1-1/4 inch 2-way Valve, 0-232 psi, NC, 304SS

Parker PA32S1N7R063S, 1-1/4 inch 2-way Valve, 0-232 psi, NC, 316L SS

Parker PA40S1N8S063A, 1-1/2 inch 2-way Valve, 0-232 psi, NC, 304SS

Parker PA40S1N8R063S, 1-1/2 inch 2-way Valve, 0-232 psi, NC, 316L SS

Parker PA50S1N9S080A, 2 inch 2-way Valve, 0-232 psi, NC, 304SS

Parker PA50S1N9R080S, 2 inch 2-way Valve, 0-232 psi, NC, 316L SS

Parker PA65S1NTR100S, 2-1/2 inch 2-way Valve, 0-232 psi, NC, 316L SS


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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Parker Premier Valve Repair Kits

Flow Factor stocks Parker GP Valve Repair Kits

The Parker Series GP valves consists of 1/4 inch to 1 inch valves for commercial Water and Steam service. These are known as the GP series valves.
GP200, GP207, GP257, GP300, GP307, GP357, GP400, GP407, GP457, GP600, GP607, GP657, GP10A, GP1007, GP1057

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Flow Factor stock most of the kits for this series.
Kit Model and Part  numbers are:

GP200-R  76723, GP207-R   76724, GP257-R  76725, GP300-R  76727,
GP307-R  76728, GP357-R   76729, GP400-R  76727, GP407-R   76728,
GP457-R   76729, GP600-R  76731, GP607-R  76732, GP657-R  76733,
GP10A-R  76762, GP1007-R  76799, GP1057-R  76738

GP357 / GP457 Valve Repair Kit

GP10A Valve Repair Kit

GP207 Valve Repair Kit

All the kid are similar with the O-Ring, Mesh, Spring(s), Diaphragm and Core Tube

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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Parker Angle Body Valves from Flow Factor

Flow Factor sells Parker Air Operated Angle Body Valves

The Parker PA Series Valves Features

Compact design, high flow rates 
• Visual position indicator standard 
• For temperatures from 14°F to 356°F / -10°C to 180°C 
• Working pressures up to 16 Bar, 232 psi 
• Dampened closing anti-water hammer design (fluid under seat) 
• Metal actuator housing for exceptional durability in steam & mildly aggressive applications 
• Valves satisfy the Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC 
• Mountable in any position 
• Tight shut-off and Long Service Life 

• Valve seats and body gaskets fully repairable 

Technical Specifications 
Body Material: 304 SS or 316 SS 
Function: 2/2 NC, NO, NC(antiwater hammer), double acting (with spring) 
Nominal sizes: DN10-DN65, 3/8” to 2 ½” 
Connections: Threads- BSP,BSPT,NPT,NPTF 
Welded- ISO1127/4200, DIN 11850.1, DIN 11850.2, DIN 11850.3, 
SMS3008, ASME BPE  Flanges 

Max Working Pressure: 16 BAR, 232 PSI 
Differential Pressure: See Specification Charts 
Pilot Pressure 3 Bar to 10 Bar. 43.5 PSI to 145 PSI 
Actuator Material: 304 SS, or Aluminum 
Maximum Fluid Temp: -10°C to 180°C, 14°F to 356°F 
Ambient Temperature: -10°C to 60°C, 14°F to 140°F 
Seat Seal material: PTFE/RTFE 
Packing Gland: PTFE. PTFE and Carbon 
Viscosity: Maximum 600mm2/s( 600cSt, 80° E, 2700 SSU 
Vacuum: maximum 0.0295 mercury (Hg) 
Leakage: ANSI Class VI shutoff 
Installation: Any Position 
Optical Position Indicator: Standard on all sizes 
Pilot Control Media: Air, Neutral Gas, Water 
Fluids handled: Inert gases, hot water, oils, steam, aggressive and corrosive fluids 
Pilot Port Size: 1/8” for 32,40,50, & 63 mm actuators, ¼” for 80, 100 mm actuators 

Applications for Parker Angle Body valves:
Food and Beverage Processing
Water Technology and Treatment
Textile Industry
Cooling systems on injection Molding Machines
Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Industry
Chemical Process Technology
Refrigeration and Cooling Exchangers
Sterilizers Steam Supply
Mining, Cement, Concrete, Paper
General Industries of Aggressive Fluid
industrial Laundry Equipment
Air Dryers

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Monday, October 31, 2016

Robertshaw Industrial Capacitance Level Controls

Flow Factor and Robertshaw Industrial strength Level Controls

Single Point Level Controllers

Robertshaw offers RF capacitance level control technology for virtually any substance in any type of vessel. Solid state, digital designs offer on/off and continuous level measurement in all types of vessels. Robertshaw's cutting edge level instrumentation can accurately measure conductive or non-conductive liquids and granular materials.

Robertshaw's microprocessor based instruments feature patented PFM (Pulse Frequency Modulation) transmitter technology. With this technology, the transmitters convert the probe signal to a variable period digital pulse output. These pulses are transmitted via two ordinary wires (up to one mile transmission capability) to the microprocessor controller. The microprocessor manipulates the pulses and provides a 4-20 mADC signal, relay actuation for alarm, or both, depending on the particular model. No primary power lines are required as the unit is powered by the same two wires that transmit the pulse to the controller. Set point data is easily entered via a simple toggle switch, push button, or keypad (depending on model), thereby eliminating the need for tools and providing consistent results regardless of operator skill. Robertshaw level instrumentation accurately gauges liquids, powders, granular, lump and flake materials.

The 310 Level-Tek is a remotely mounted, RF capacitance sensing, on/off control and display instrument.
The Robertshaw Model 310 LEVEL-TEK is an all new RF capacitance sensing, on-off Control and Display Instrument. Used primarily for detecting and controlling product level changes in vessels or containers, it provides contact closure for external control action by means of a DPDT plug-in type, dust tight relay. The weather-tight unit has alarm lights. This instrument is available with a choice of three supply voltage variations, has adjustable differential (deadband) and adjustable time delay (response time). All adjustments are multi-turn by means of sealed potentiometers.

 The 5100 Level-Lance is a microprocessor-based, advanced technology, on/off level detection instrument.

The Robertshaw Model 5100 Level-Lance is a microprocessor based, advanced technology On-Off level detection instrument. By utilizing the microprocessor, the device can be calibrated without screwdriver adjustments or knobs to turn. The simplicity of the "Auto Set" calibration is the ultimate in level control ease of adjustment.
The Model 5100 has eight (8) separate and individual programs preprogrammed into its memory. These programs let the user select the "type" of On-Off control action best suited for the application. The eight programs are field selectable by means of a 10 position rotary switch.

The Robertshaw Model 5318B Level-Tek is a RF capacitance point (On/Off) level switch, which employs all solid state electronics for detecting predetermined product level changes in tanks, sumps, silos and other vessels or containers. The Model 5318B is capable of detecting a wide variety of products, including liquids, powders, granular, lump and flake materials. The product can be either conductive or non-conductive.
The Model 5318B is self-contained and uses microprocessor based digital circuits to ensure long-term stability, reliability and reduced maintenance. Control signals are provided through the contacts of a DPDT relay. The instrument features adjustable time-delays that are individually adjustable for both "Alarm" and "Return-to-Normal". There are either fixed or adjustable differential settings available. The unit is available for either AC or DC supply voltages. 

Flow Factor

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Parker Skinner Series 7000 Valve Coils

Flow Factor Sells Parker Skinner 7000 series Valve Replacement Coils.

Flow Factor Stocks the standard 120/60 and 24vdc in both NEMA 4 (C111xx) and Hazardous coils (H111xx). Of the others, some are Parker stock and others have a long make times, up to 30 days.

Please use our ORDER FORM to place an order and get a delivery quote.

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Below is a list of the Skinner 7000 series Valve Coils.

Parker   BZ01C1 COIL KIT 12VDC $62.50
Parker   BZ01C2 COIL KIT 24VDC $62.50
Parker   C1112K COIL KIT 208/60 $104.69
Parker   C1118P COIL KIT 100-110 vac $104.69
Parker   C1119P COIL KIT 200-220 vac $104.69
Parker   C111B2 COIL KIT 24/60 $32.25
Parker   C111B6 COIL KIT 120/60 $32.25
Parker   C111B8 COIL KIT 240/60 $32.25
Parker   C111C1 COIL KIT 12VDC $32.25
Parker   C111C2 COIL KIT 24VDC $32.25
Parker   C111C4 COIL KIT 48VDC $104.69
Parker   C111C6 COIL KIT 120 VDC $56.50
Parker   C111C8 COIL KIT 240VDC $104.69
Parker   C111P0 COIL KIT 24/50-60 $32.25
Parker   C111P3 COIL KIT 120/60 $32.25
Parker   C111Q3 COIL KIT 240/60 $32.25
Parker   C111Q8 COIL KIT 480/60 $32.25
Parker   C148B2 COIL KIT 24/60 $53.13
Parker   C148C1 COIL KIT 12VDC $53.13
Parker   C148C2 COIL KIT 24VDC $53.13
Parker   C148P3 COIL KIT 120/60 $53.13
Parker   C1GLC2 COIL KIT 24VDC $59.69
Parker   C1GLP3 COIL KIT 120/60 $40.00
Parker   C1GLQ3 COIL KIT 240/60 $59.69
Parker   C2222K COIL KIT 208/60 $128.75
Parker   C2223N COIL KIT 125VDC $128.75
Parker   C222B2 COIL KIT 24/60 $51.50
Parker   C222C1 COIL KIT 12VDC $51.50
Parker   C222C2 COIL KIT 24VDC $51.50
Parker   C222C6 COIL KIT 120 VDC $75.75
Parker   C222P3 COIL KIT 120/60 $51.50
Parker   C222Q3 COIL KIT 240/60 $51.50
Parker   C322B2 COIL KIT 24/60 $60.25
Parker   C322B6 COIL KIT 120/60 $60.25
Parker   C322C1 COIL KIT 12VDC $60.25
Parker   C322C2 COIL KIT 24VDC $60.25
Parker   C322P3 COIL KIT 120/60 $60.25
Parker   C322Q3 COIL KIT 240/60 $60.25
Parker   C8GLP3 COIL KIT 120/60                 $62.00
Parker   C8GLQ3 COIL KIT 240/60 $62.00
Parker   CZ01R8 COIL KIT                       $200.31
Parker   CZ01R9 COIL KIT                       $203.75

Parker   D100B2 COIL KIT 24/60 $26.00
Parker   D100B6 COIL KIT 120/60 $26.00
Parker   D100C1 COIL KIT 12VDC $26.00
Parker   D100C2 COIL KIT 24VDC $26.00
Parker   D100C6 COIL KIT 120 VDC $50.25
Parker   D100P3 COIL KIT 120/60 $26.00
Parker   D100Q3 COIL KIT 240/60 $26.00
Parker   D1D1C2 COIL KIT 24VDC $43.44
Parker   D2002K COIL KIT 208/60 $116.56
Parker   D200B2 COIL KIT 24/60 $41.75
Parker   D200C1 COIL KIT 12VDC $41.75
Parker   D200C2 COIL KIT 24VDC $41.75
Parker   D200P0 COIL KIT 24/50-60 $41.75
Parker   D200P3 COIL KIT 120/60 $41.75
Parker   D200Q3 COIL KIT 240/60 $41.75
Parker   D300C1 COIL KIT 12VDC $50.00
Parker   D300C2 COIL KIT 24VDC $50.00
Parker   D300M5 COIL KIT 74VDC $126.88
Parker   D300P3 COIL KIT 120/60 $50.00
Parker   D300Q3 COIL KIT 240/60 $50.00
Parker   D3D1C1 COIL KIT 12VDC $73.44
Parker   D400B2 COIL KIT 24/60 $40.31
Parker   D400P3 COIL KIT 120/60 $40.31
Parker   D400Q3 COIL KIT 240/60 $40.31
Parker   D500C1 COIL KIT 12VDC $40.31
Parker   D500C2 COIL KIT 24VDC $40.31

Parker   H111B2 COIL KIT 24/60 $83.00
Parker   H111C1 COIL KIT 12VDC $83.00
Parker   H111C2 COIL KIT 24VDC $83.00
Parker   H111C4 COIL KIT 48VDC $168.13
Parker   H111C6 COIL KIT 120 VDC $107.25
Parker   H111P3 COIL KIT 120/60 $83.00
Parker   H111Q3 COIL KIT 240/60 $83.00
Parker   H148P3 COIL KIT 120/60 $116.56
Parker   H172P3 COIL KIT 120/60 $129.38
Parker   H1GLC2 COIL KIT 24VDC $113.44
Parker   H1GLP3 COIL KIT 120/60 $113.44
Parker   H2223N COIL KIT 125VDC $184.06
Parker   H222C2 COIL KIT 24VDC $95.75
Parker   H222C4 COIL KIT 48VDC $184.06
Parker   H222C6 COIL KIT 120 VDC $120.00
Parker   H222C8 COIL KIT 240VDC $184.06
Parker   H222P3 COIL KIT 120/60 $95.75
Parker   H222Q3 COIL KIT 240/60 $95.75
Parker   H2723N COIL KIT 125VDC $207.81
Parker   H272C6 COIL KIT 120 VDC $173.75
Parker   H322B2 COIL KIT 24/60 $103.00
Parker   H322B6 COIL KIT 120/60 $103.00
Parker   H322C1 COIL KIT 12VDC $103.00
Parker   H322C2 COIL KIT 24VDC $103.00
Parker   H322C6 COIL KIT 120 VDC $127.25
Parker   H322P3 COIL KIT 120/60 $103.00
Parker   H322Q3 COIL KIT 240/60 $103.00
Parker   H372C2 COIL KIT 24VDC $154.38
Parker   H611C2 COIL KIT 24VDC $93.00
Parker   H611P3 COIL KIT 120/60 $94.25
Parker   H8GLP3 COIL KIT 120/60 $132.00
Parker   HZ03C2 COIL KIT 24VDC $137.00
Parker   HZ04C2 COIL KIT 24VDC $175.63
Parker   HZ09C2 COIL KIT 24VDC $284.25
Parker   HZ09C6 COIL KIT 120 VDC $308.50
Parker   HZ09P3 COIL KIT 120/60 $284.25
Parker   HZ09Q3 COIL KIT 240/60 $284.25
Parker   HZ103N COIL KIT 125VDC $190.50
Parker   HZ10C1 COIL KIT 12VDC $139.00
Parker   HZ10C2 COIL KIT 24VDC $139.00
Parker   HZ10C6 COIL KIT 120VDC $163.25
Parker   HZ10P3 COIL KIT 120/60 $139.00
Parker   HZ10Q3 COIL KIT 240/60 $139.00
Parker   HZ11C2 COIL KIT 24VDC $172.00
Parker   HZ96A2 COIL KIT 24/50 $221.25
Parker   HZ96B8 COIL KIT 240/60                     $171.25
Parker   HZ96C2 COIL KIT 24VDC $171.25
Parker   HZ96F4 COIL KIT 230/50 $219.50
Parker   J111B2 COIL KIT 24/60 $58.75
Parker   J111C1 COIL KIT 12VDC $58.75
Parker   J111C2 COIL KIT 24VDC $58.75
Parker   J111P3 COIL KIT 120/60 $58.75
Parker   J111Q3 COIL KIT 240/60 $58.75
Parker   J222C1 COIL KIT 12VDC $81.88
Parker   J222C2 COIL KIT 24VDC $81.88
Parker   J222P3 COIL KIT 120/60 $81.88
Parker   J322C1 COIL KIT 12VDC $92.81
Parker   J322C2 COIL KIT 24VDC $92.81
Parker   J322P3 COIL KIT 120/60 $92.81
Parker   JB16-12VDC COIL 12VDC      $119.69
Parker   L111B2 COIL KIT 24VDC $43.44
Parker   L111C1 COIL KIT 12VDC $43.44
Parker   L111C2 COIL KIT 24VDC $43.44
Parker   L111P3 COIL KIT 120/60 $43.44
Parker   L111Q3 COIL KIT 240/60 $43.44
Parker   L148P3 COIL KIT 120/60 $72.81
Parker   L222C1 COIL KIT 12VDC $72.19
Parker   L222C2 COIL KIT 24VDC $72.19
Parker   L222P3 COIL KIT 120/60 $72.19
Parker   L222Q3 COIL KIT 240/60 $72.19
Parker   L322C1 COIL KIT 12VDC $89.38
Parker   L322C2 COIL KIT 24VDC $89.38
Parker   L322P3 COIL KIT 120/60 $89.38
Parker   L322Q3 COIL KIT 240/60 $89.38
Parker   LZ12C2 COIL KIT 24VDC $112.50
Parker   LZ30C2 COIL KIT 24VDC $165.63

Parker   S100B2 COIL KIT 24/60 $48.75
Parker   S100C2 COIL KIT 24VDC $48.75
Parker   S100P3 COIL KIT 120/60 $48.75
Parker   S100Q3 COIL KIT 240/60 $48.75
Parker   S200B2 COIL KIT 24/60 $60.00
Parker   S200C2 COIL KIT 24VDC $60.00
Parker   S200C6 COIL KIT 120 VDC $90.31
Parker   S200P3 COIL KIT 120/60 $60.00
Parker   S2TBC2 COIL KIT 24VDC $80.63
Parker   S2TBC6 COIL KIT 120 VDC $110.94
Parker   S2TBP3 COIL KIT 120/60 $80.63
Parker   S2TBQ3 COIL KIT 240/60 $80.63
Parker   S300C1 COIL KIT 12VDC $89.69
Parker   S300C2 COIL KIT 24VDC $89.69
Parker   S300P3 COIL KIT 120/60 $89.69
Parker   S3TBC2 COIL KIT 24VDC $110.31
Parker   T100B2 COIL KIT 24/60 $38.75
Parker   T100C1 COIL KIT 12VDC $38.75
Parker   T100C2 COIL KIT 24VDC $38.75
Parker   T100C3 COIL KIT 36VDC $103.13
Parker   T100P0 COIL KIT 24/50-60 $38.75
Parker   T100P3 COIL KIT 120/60 $38.75
Parker   T101C1 COIL KIT 12VDC $33.13
Parker   T101C2 COIL KIT 24VDC $33.13
Parker   T101P3 COIL KIT 120/60 $33.13
Parker   T101Q3 COIL KIT 240/60 $33.13

Parker   VZ03C2 COIL KIT 24VDC                     $408.44
Parker   VZ03P2 COIL KIT 110VAC                       $470.00

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