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Barksdale UDS7-BX ATEX Rated Pressure Switch

ATEX rated Pressure Switch from Barksdale and Flow Factor

Barksdale Series UDS7-BX Explosion Proof Rated Electronic Pressure Switch

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Barksdale UDS7-BX ATEX Pressure Switch

Applications for the Barksdale UDS7-BX

  • Oil & gas pipelines
  • Refineries
  • Petrochemical plants
  • Pulp and paper mills
  • Coal and oil fired power plants
  • Cement plants
  • Gas transfers for fuel systems

Features for the Barksdale Switch UDS7-BX

    • ATEX Ex d Certified Construction
    • Dual seal protection
    • Adjustable setpoint delay - up to 9.9 seconds
    • 2 setpoints
    • High accuracy with fully adjustable deadband
    • Digital readout
    • Fully configurable via keypad
    • Suitable for rapid cycling (100 times per second)
    • NEMA 4, 7, 9 & IP66

    Barksdale UDS7-BX ATEX rated 

    Electronic Pressure Switch Part Numbers

    Barksdale UDS7-BX-08-3  0-500 PSIG (0-34.5 BAR)
    Barksdale UDS7-BX-19-3  0-600 PSIG (0-44.1 BAR)
    Barksdale UDS7-BX-10-3  0-1000 PSIG (0-69 BAR)
    Barksdale UDS7-BX-11-3  0-1500 PSIG (0-104 BAR)
    Barksdale UDS7-BX-12-3  0-2000 PSIG (0-138 BAR)
    Barksdale UDS7-BX-13-3  0-3000 PSIG (0-207 BAR)
    Barksdale UDS7-BX-14-3  0-4000 PSIG (0-276 BAR)
    Barksdale UDS7-BX-15-3  0-5000 PSIG (0-345 BAR)
    Barksdale UDS7-BX-16-3  0-6000 PSIG (0-414 BAR)
    Barksdale UDS7-BX-17-3  0-7500 PSIG (0-517 BAR)
    Barksdale UDS7-BX-18-3  0-10000 PSIG (0-689 BAR)

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    Barksdale  Barksdale  Barksdale  Barksdale  Barksdale  Barksdale Barksdale  Barksdale 

    Friday, January 31, 2020

    Barksdale UDS1V2 Pressure Switch

    Flow Factor Sells Barskdale's New UDS1V2 Pressure Switch

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    The Barksdale UDS1V2 electronic pressure switch is one of the first electronic switches priced within the range of mechanical switches. With no moving parts, it provides accuracy, long life and durability in a compact package with features and functions that mechanical switches cannot provide. The Barksdale UDS1V2's list of impressive features includes an accuracy of +/- 1% of full scale, four pressure ranges from 0-150 to 0-9000 psi, a 320º rotatable housing and either two switch outputs or 1 switch output with adjustable hysteresis. The impressive "Teach and Go" feature allows for precise, quick and easy set point adjustment, even while installed on an application. Its small size makes it perfect for applications where space is an issue such as mobile hydraulics, hydraulic power units, machine tools, injection molding and factory automation.

    • Ease of setting: teach & go
    • Ultra compact construction
    • Rotatable 320° housing
    • 1 or 2 switchpoints
    • Programmable Adjustable hysteresis1
    • Excellent for high cycling DC applications
    Note 1: For 1SP version, adjustable hysteresis (2SP version has built-in 15% hysteresis)

    • OEM applications in hydraulic and pneumatic systems
    • Press machines
    • Lubricant monitoring systems
    • Machine tool industry
    • Automotive test equipment
    • Injection molding machines
    Materials: Stainless Steel and Viton
    Enclosure Rating: IP65 (Indoor)
    Process Connection Options:  1/4" NPT, G1/4, 7/16-20 (37º JIC, 7/16-20 UNF (SAE)
    Dimensions: 1.0" Diameter and 3.9" length
    Rangess: 0-9000 PSI (0-600 bar)
    Proof Pressure : 1.5 times rated pressure
    Repeatability: +/- 1% of range
    Temperature Range: 
         Media:    -13ºF to 212ºF (-25 to 100C)
        Ambient:  -13ºF to 176ºF (-25 to 80C)
        Storage:    -22ºF to 176ºF (-30 to 80C)

    Power Supply: 15-32 VDC

    PNP Transistor switching

    Common Part Numbers:


    U11N2  0-1500 PSI RANGE, DUAL SWITCH

    U16N2  0-6000 PSI RANGE, DUAL SWITCH

    U32N2  0-9000 PSI RANGE, DUAL SWITCH


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    Barksdale  Barksdale  Barksdale  Barksdale  Barksdale  Barksdale Barksdale  Barksdale  Barksdale Barksdale  Barksdale  

    Saturday, November 30, 2019

    Emerson Penberthy Liquid Jet Pumps

    Penberthy Liquid Motive Jet Pumps - LL Low Head Series Eductor

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    Practical, simple, and cost-effective alternatives for process industries to pump, mix or heat a range of liquids and gases with a variety of motive media.

    Penberthy 1/2 inch Jet Pump

    Bronze Material

    1/2A Size in Bronze
    1/2B Size in Bronze
    1/2 Inch size in Bronze
    3/4 Inch size in Bronze
    1 Inch size in Bronze
    1-1/4 Inch size in Bronze
    1-1/2 Inch size in Bronze
    2 Inch size in Bronze
    2-1/2 Inch size in Bronze
    3 Inch size in Bronze
    4 Inch size in Bronze

    Cast Iron Material

    1/2A Size in Cast Iron
    1/2B Size in Cast Iron
    1/2" Size in Cast Iron
    3/4" Size in Cast Iron
    1" Size in Cast Iron
    1-1/4" Size in Cast Iron
    1-1/2" Size in Cast Iron
    2" Size in Cast Iron
    2-1/2" Size in Cast Iron
    3" Size in Cast Iron
    4" Size in Cast Iron
    Emerson Penberthy LL Jet Pump

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    Carbon Steel Material

    1/2A Size in Carbon Stl.
    1/2B Size in Carbon Stl.
    1/2" Size in Carbon Stl. 
    3/4" Size in Carbon Stl.
    1" Size in Carbon Stl.
    1-1/4"Size in Car. Stl.
    1-1/2" Size in Car. Stl.
    2" Size in Carbon Stl.
    2-1/2" Size in Car. Stl.
    3" Size in Carbon Stl.
    4" Size in Carbon Stl.

    Carbon Steel Material

    1/2A Size in STNL. Stl.
    1/2B Size in STNL. Stl.
    1/2" Size in STNL. Stl. 
    3/4" Size in STNL. Stl.
    1" Size in STNL. Stl.
    1-1/4"Size in STNL. Stl.
    1-1/2" Size in STNL. Stl.
    2" Size in STNL. Stl.
    2-1/2" Size in STNL. Stl.
    3" Size in STNL. Stl.
    4" Size in STNL. Stl.

    Available in Hastelloy, Monel, PVC, Poly Pro and Kynar as well.
    Special Quote required. 

    CLICK HERE for quote. 


    • Simple design with no moving parts to wear out.
    • No lubrication required.
    • Virtually maintenance-free.
    • Easy to install without special structures or foundations.
    • Self-priming.
    • Cast, fabricated or non-metallic constructions.
    • Variety of materials to suit specific characteristics of the process liquids.
    • Critical flow paths machined smoothly with no abrupt turns or steps, producing the most efficient flow during the motive function.

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    Sunday, October 27, 2019

    Watlow Flanged Immersion Heaters

    3"- 6" Flange Heaters with Baffles from WATLOW and Flow Factor

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    Watlow flanged immersion heaters are easy to install and maintain. Designed for heating liquids and gases in tanks and pressure vessels, ANSI flanged immersion heaters are ideal for applications requiring higher kilowatts.

    Watlow flanged immersion heaters are made with WATROD or FIREBAR tubular elements brazed or welded to a flange. Stock flange heaters are equipped with a general purpose terminal enclosure.

    Watlow Flanged immersion heaters, with FIREBAR elements, also answer the need for liquid immersion applications requiring high kilowatts in small tanks. The FIREBAR element's unique flat surface geometry packs more power in a smaller bundle, with lower watt density, making it especially well-suited for petroleum-based liquid heating applications.

    Features and Benefits:

    UL® and CSA component recognition.
    ANSI and ANSI compatible 2, 2½, 3 thru 48 inch flanges.
    Integral thermowells provide convenient temperature sensor insertion       and replacement without draining the fluid being heated.
    Standard, general purpose terminal enclosure for easy access to wiring.
    All units are inspected and/or tested to ensure element-to-flange pressure seals do not leak.


    Alloy 800 Material = 1600º Max. Temp and 100 Watt Density Max.
    Stainless Steel Material = 1200º Max. Temp and 100 Watt Density Max.
    Steel Material = 750º Max. Temp and 100 Watt Density Max.

    Typical Applications
    Water: Deionized Demineralized Clean Potable Process Industrial water rinse tanks Vapor degreasers Hydraulic oil, crude, asphalt Lubricating oils at API specified watt densities Air and gas flow Caustic solutions Chemical baths Process air equipment Boiler equipment Freeze protection of any fluid Anti-freeze (glycol) solutions Paraffin

    Terminal Enclosures
    General purpose terminal enclosures, without thermostats, are standard on all flange immersion heaters. Optional terminal enclosures include:
    • General purpose with a single or double pole thermostat.
    • Moisture resistant. Available with or without a single or double pole thermostat.
    • Corrosion resistant. Available with or without a single or double pole thermostat.
    • Explosion resistant Class 1, Div. 1 and 2, Groups B, C and D, T1-T6. Available with or without a single or double pole thermostat.
    • Explosion/moisture resistant combinations. Available with or without a single or double pole thermostat.

    Stand-off Terminal Enclosures
    Stand-off terminal enclosures provide an air-insulating barrier between the flange and terminal enclosure by mounting the terminations and wiring away from the flange. Stand-off terminal enclosures are recommended whenever a process operating temperature exceeds 210°F (100°C). This helps minimize terminal enclosure temperatures.

    Certified Enclosures
    CSA, ATEX, IECEx or PESO certified enclosures protect wiring in hazardous gas environments.

    ASME Pressure Vessel Code Welding
    Flange assemblies can be provided with an ASME Section VIII, Div. I pressure vessel stamp upon request.

    To provide process temperature control, Watlow offers optional single pole, single throw (SPST) and double pole, single throw (DPST) thermostats.
    Unless otherwise specified, thermostats are mounted inside the terminal enclosure. Please verify that the thermostat’s sensing bulb outside diameter is compatible with the flange heater’s thermowell inside diameter.

    ASTM Type J or K thermocouples offer more accurate sensing of process and/or sheath temperatures. A thermocouple may be inserted into the thermowell or attached to the heater’s sheath.
    Thermocouples are supplied with 120 in. (3050 mm) leads (longer lead lengths available). Unless otherwise specified, thermocouples are supplied with temperature ranges.
    Using a thermocouple requires an appropriate temperature and power controller. These must be purchased separately. Watlow offers a wide variety of temperature and power controllers to meet virtually all applications. Temperature controllers can be configured to accept process variable inputs, too. Contact a Watlow representative for details.
    To order, specify Type J or K thermocouple and lead length. Indicate if the thermocouple is for process temperature sensing or heater sheath high-limit protection. Please specify if the flange heater will be mounted vertical or horizontal in the tank. If vertical, specify if the housing is on top or bottom.
    If the flange heater is part of an in-line circulation heating application, indicate flow direction relative to the heater’s enclosure.F

    Wattages and Voltages
    Watlow routinely supplies flange immersion heaters with 240 to 480VAC as well as wattages from 150 watts to one megawatt.
    If required, Watlow will make heaters with voltage up to 600VAC and wattage beyond one megawatt.

    Selected Watlow 3 inch Flange Heater part Numbers:
    Watlow FMN715J10 6 kw , 120 volts
    Watlow FMN715J11S 6 kw 480 volts
    Watlow FMN721J10S  9 kw  120 volts
    Watlow FMN721J11S  9 kw  480 volts
    Watlow FMN727A3S 12 kw  240 volts
    Watlow FMN727A5S 12 kw  480 volts
    Watlow FMN732J3S  15 kw  240 volts
    Watlow FMN732J5S  15 kw  480 volts
    Watlow FMN738A3S  18 kw  240 volts
    Watlow FMN738A5S  18 kw  480 volts
    Watlow FMN751A5S  25 kw  480 volts
    Watlow FMN760J5S  30 kw  480 volts

    Selected Watlow 4 inch Flange Heater part Numbers:
    Watlow FON715J10W  12 kw 240 volts
    Watlow FON715J5W 12 kw 480 volts
    Watlow FON721J10W 18 kw 240 volts
    Watlow FON721J5W  18 kw  480 volts
    Watlow FON727A10W  24 k  240 volts
    Watlow FON727A5W  24 kw  480 volts
    Watlow FON732J3W 30 kw  240 volts
    Watlow FON732J5W   30 kw  480 volts
    Watlow FON738A3W  36 kw  240 volts
    Watlow FON738A5W  36 kw  480 volts
    Watlow FON751J5W   50 kw  480 volts

    Selected Watlow 5 inch Flange Heater part Numbers:
    Watlow FNN715J3S  12 kw  240 volts
    Watlow FNN715J5W  12 kw  480 volts
    Watlow FNN721J3S  18 kw  240 volts
    Watlow FNN721J5W  18 kw  480 volts
    Watlow FNN727A3S  24 kw  240 volts
    Watlow FNN727A5W  24 kw  480 volts
    Watlow FNN732J3S  30 kw  240 volts
    Watlow FNN732J5W  30 kw  480 volts
    Watlow FNN738A3S  36 kw 240 volts
    Watlow FNN738A5W  36 kw 480 volts
    Watlow FNN751A5S  50 kw  480 volts
    Watlow FNN760J5W  60 kw  480 volts

    Selected Watlow 6 inch Flange Heater part Numbers:
    Watlow FPN715G10XS  30 kw  240 volts
    Watlow FPN715G5XW  30 kw  480 volts
    Watlow FPN721G10XS  45 kw  240 volts
    Watlow FPN721G5XW  45 kw  480 volts
    Watlow FPN726R3XS  60 kw  240 volts
    Watlow FPN726R5XW  60 kw  480 volts
    Watlow FPN732G3XS  75 kw  240 volts
    Watlow FPN732G5XW  75 kw  480 volts
    Watlow FPN737R3XS  90 kw  240 volts
    Watlow FPN737R5XW  90  kw  480 volts
    Watlow FPN750R5XW  125  kw  480 volts
    Watlow FPN760G5XW  150 kw  480 volts

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    Watlow Flanged Immersion Heaters  Watlow Flanged Immersion Heaters  Watlow Flanged Immersion Heaters

    Thursday, September 26, 2019

    Watlow FIREBAR® Heaters from Flow Factor

    FIREBAR® Single/Double-Ended Heaters by Watlow

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    Watlow FIREBAR heating elements provide added heating performance over standard round tubular heating elements—especially for immersion applications in petroleum-based liquids requiring high kilowatts. 
    The FIREBAR's unique flat surface geometry packs more power in shorter elements and assemblies, along with a host of other performance improvements. These include:

    -Minimizing coking and fluid degrading

    -Enhancing the flow of fluid past the element's surface to carry heat from the sheath

    -Improving heat transfer with a significantly larger boundary layer allowing much more liquid     to flow up and across the sheath's surface

    Watlow FIREBAR elements are available in single- and double-ended constructions with one inch or 5⁄8 inch heights. These two configuration variables make it possible to use FIREBAR elements instead of round tubular elements in virtually all applications.

    70 percent greater surface area per linear inch compared to a 0.430 in. (11 mm) diameter round tubular heater

    Compacted MgO insulation maximizes thermal conductivity and dielectric strength

    Precision wound nickel-chromium resistance wires

    0.040 in. (1 mm) thick MgO walls transfer heat more efficiently

    Three resistance coil design readily adapts to a variety of electrical sources and wattages outputs

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