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Robertshaw Excalibur 7000 Multi-Point Level Controller

Robertshaw / Schneider Electric Multi-Point Excalibur 7000 Level Controller

The Robertshaw Excalibur 7000 offers both a smart RF capacitance microprocessor-based level transmitter and PID controller, providing the flexibility to meet all level application requirements.

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Robertshaw Excalibur Level Controller - Multi-Point
Probe is an option

The Robertshaw EXCALIBUR 7000 offers you TWO INSTRUMENTS FOR THE PRICE OF ONE. Both a SMART RF capacitance microprocessor based Level Transmitter and PID Controller, this unique instrument provides the flexibility to meet all your level application requirements. The Excalibur 7000 has built-in PID Control with AUTO TUNE to eliminate offset and provide accuracy and stability. The auto tune feature eliminates periodic on-line tuning by automatically matching control action with your particular process characteristics. This feature alone eliminates many hours of fine tuning to your particular process and the need for, and the cost of, a separate controller. Patented optional RF anti-coating circuitry eliminates errors due to product build-up on the probe assuring you of accurate level measurements in all types of coating applications.

Robertshaw's patented Pulse Frequency Modulated (PFM) transmitter technology provides digital transmission up to 1 mile using economical standard twisted pair wire. This eliminates the cost of more expensive coaxial or triaxial cable and provides no-loss accuracy eliminating errors typically found with analog transmission. Built in field selectable input linearization allows open channel flow measurement and level control with volume conversions for non-cylindrical or horizontal cylindrical vessels. Setup is simple - just select from the menu. This eliminates programming at the factory, entering of time consuming strapping tables, and allows the user flexibility to use the same controller if his application changes. 

Simple menu prompts guide you step-by-step through all Setup and Calibration. No technical knowledge is required. Entry is by built-in keypad
Everything can be done with direct keypad entry. Calibration can also be accomplished without completely emptying or filling the vessel. This feature is in-valuable where tanks are emptied and filled only once or twice a year during shutdown. All Setup and Calibration entries can be password protected with a selection of three distinct levels of access. Calibration also offers selection of Engineering Units, type of variable(s) to be displayed, measurement of level and /or volume or flow, etc. Non-volatile memory insures setup and calibration data is retained if electrical power is lost. No battery backup is required.

Displays are abundant to keep you informed of setup parameters selected, calibration data, setpoint, process variable, alarm status, error codes, etc. In all there are two (2) five digits LED displays ( one green and one red), typically used to display the measured variable and control setpoint; one 2 line by 20 character alpha-numeric vacuum fluorescent display (visible in any type of lighting) for menu prompts during setup/calibration and configurable as to the data displayed during normal operation; eight (8) LED controller status indicators and eight (8) LED alarm status indicators. These displays give you a wealth of information at a glance.

Relay options include two or four SPDT 10 amp relays with independent selectable differential and time delay on each. All relays are also field selectable High or Low Level Fail Safe to suit the customer's particular safety requirements. Power supply requirement is 120/240 VAC that is switch selectable in the field. Output is isolated 4-20 mA. Adjustable response time to handle agitated or wavy processes is standard.

Continuous Self-Diagnostics and remote Test/Verify push-button insure you of constant reliability and safety. Error codes appear on the vacuum Fluorescent Display when failures occur. This self-monitoring feature increases instrument stability and accuracy, eliminating the need for ongoing manual calibration checking, reducing downtime, and improving system performance and quality control. It permits early detection and identification of sensing problems before they lead to a major breakdown. The test feature allows conformance to local and federal environmental regulations.

A variety of sensing probes are available to suit any application; high temperature/pressure, sanitary, flanged, inactive lengths, grounded for non-metal vessels, rigid, flexible, bare or insulated. Lengths are available up to 100 feet.

n summary, the Robertshaw EXCALIBUR 7000 packs more features and benefits into one package than you will find anywhere. It provides local or remote calibration capability, greater measurement accuracy/stability, lower startup costs, reduced maintenance costs, quality control, and lower design costs. It provides flexibility of configuration or reconfiguration. Features and options can easily be added in the field by simple plug in modules. It provides self-monitoring/self diagnostic capability. This transmitter/controller will suit ALL your level Applications... save time, money, and reduce your parts inventory. Applications are unlimited!!! These include level and/or interface control in all storage or process vessels containing liquids, granulars or slurries. This includes the chemical/petrochemical, petroleum refining, water/wastewater, food and beverage, electric power, pulp and paper, pharmaceutical, mining and primary metals industries. 

Specifications - Robertshaw 7000

Supply Voltage ................................... 120/240 VAC ± 10%,
50/60 Hz switch selectable. 
Supply Power...................................................... 20VA. Max.
Measurement Range:
With Standard PFM Transmitter (1 range): 10 to 6000 pF
With Low Span PFM Transmitter (1 range): 2 to 335 pF
Resolution ................................................. ± 0.002% of Span
Accuracy .........................................................± 0.5% Typical
Repeatability .............................................................± 0.1pF
Ambient Temperature Effect ................. ± 0.005pF/Deg. F ± 0.01pF/Deg.C
Alarm Set point .................. 0 to 100.00%, 0.01% Resolution
Alarm Differential............... 0 to 100.00%, 0.01% Resolution
Alarm Time Delays ......................................0 to 60 seconds 0.001 second resolution
Relay Output is Optional 
Type-Electromechanical contacts
SPDT, 8A @ 30 VDC, 10A @ 250 VAC GP, 5A @ 120 VAC IND, 1/3 HP @ 120 VAC
Analog Output is Optional 
4-20 mADC into a 650 ohm load max.
Maximum Distance Between
Transmitter and Controller
............................ One (1) mile
Interconnecting Cable Between
Transmitter and Controller
........... Two (2) wire, twisted pair recommended. Similar to Belden #8205 (unshielded), or #8762 (shielded) 


Temperature (Operating or Storage):
-40 to +140°F (-40 to +60°C)

Relative Humidity ........................ 0 to 95%, Non-Condensing 
Vibration ...................................................±2 G, 10 to 200Hz
Shock............... 75G's for 11msec. without permanent damage 


PFM Transmitter Raintight, NEMA 4
Optional Rain tight, NEMA 4X, epoxy painted


Non-metallic UL Listed Type 4X and CSA Certified Type 4X
Standard PFM Transmitter ..... 2.8 lbs (1.27 kg) 
Low Span PFM Transmitter .... 2.8 lbs (1.27 kg) 
Non-metallic Controller ......... 11.4 lbs (5.17 kg)

Intrinsic Safety:

Standard & Low Span PFM Transmitters and Probe are certified as intrinsically safe for Class I, Division 1, Groups A, B, C & D; Class II, Division 1, Groups E, F & G and Class I, Zone 0, Group IIC when connected as shown on drawing #907GA811 (barrier required).

Agency Certifications:
Standard PFM Transmitter ....... UL & c-UL Listed 
Low Span PFM Transmitter ...... UL & c-UL Listed 
Controller ........................................................None
EMC Emissions & Immunity Conformity:
Standard PFM Transmitter ................... CE & FCC 
Low-Span PFM Transmitter.................. CE & FCC 
Controller ........................................................None 

A few standard part number are:

Robertshaw 7000A2B1A2
EXCALIBUR PID Level controller with plastic enclosure (NEMA 4X), 120/240 volts,
2 relays, No Analog output, no communications and standard mounted PFM Transmitter NEMA 4X (probe Mounted).

Robertshaw 7000A2A2A2
EXCALIBUR PID Level controller with plastic enclosure (NEMA 4X), 120/240 volts,
No relays, Analog output, no communications and standard mounted PFM Transmitter NEMA 4X (probe Mounted).

Robertshaw 7000A2B2A2
EXCALIBUR PID Level controller with plastic enclosure (NEMA 4X), 120/240 volts,
2 relays, Analog output, no communications and standard mounted PFM Transmitter NEMA 4X (probe Mounted).


Part Number
032KC190-XX* ... Conduit with 1⁄2” NPT connections, flexible, liquid tight, general purpose 
032KC600-XX*  ... Coax Cable
032KC650-XX*  ... Coax Cable with general purpose conduit 
032KC700-XX*  ... Coax cable with NEMA 4 conduit outlet box 
032KC710-XX*  ... Coax cable with general purpose conduit and NEMA 4 conduit outlet box
032KC800-XX*  ...  Coax cable with NEMA 4X epoxy painted conduit outlet box
909SD029**  ......... Conduit outlet box, NEMA 4 

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Capacitance Level Probes are not included as they can be any of a number of part numbers, lengths and rigidity. The probes need to be quoted separately.  

Flow Factor

Schneider Electric / Robertshaw Multi-Point Excalibur 7000 Level Controller

Monday, December 31, 2018

Multi-Point Level Control from Robertshaw

Flow Factor provides Level Control for Industry
Schneider Electric/Robertshaw Capacitance Level Control

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Robertshaw 5400 Level-Lance Multi-Point On/Off Level Controller

The ROBERTSHAW Level-Lance Model 5400A is a microprocessor based, multi-point On-Off capacitance type level detection system. Utilizing the Pulse Frequency Modulation (PFM) method of signal transmission ensures that accuracy, repeatability and longevity are enhanced over level systems using conventional analog transmission schemes. The PFM transmitter, normally mounted directly on the sensing probe, requires no calibration or adjustments of any kind. The control unit can be mounted up to one mile from the PFM transmitter without requiring any special type of interconnecting wire or cable. Two wires are all that is required. The PFM transmitter does not require any primary power because it receives its operating power from the control unit over the same two wires used to transmit the level signal.

The PFM (Pulse Frequency Modulation) transmitter is also designed to provide electrostatic protection at the probe input. It transmits a frequency modulated pulse signal to the microprocessor based control unit. The variation in the frequency of the pulse is proportional to the product level on the sensing probe. The microprocessor in the control unit receives the pulse and processes it to extract the level information. The microprocessor then compares this level information to the “AUTO-SET” calibration data stored in the non-volatile memory. When the level data coincides with this previously stored data, the appropriate output relay is either activated or deactivated, to give the desired control action. The total system design has been optimized to yield the highest possible levels of both EMI and RFI rejection.

The Model 5400A Level-Lance is calibrated by means of the “AUTO-SET” feature. This feature permits all calibration of the unit to be done by the simple act of pushing a button.

The Model 5400A Level-Lance is designed with plug-in type relay output modules to allow for easy configuration changes. Relay outputs can be added or removed in the field by the user. The control unit has the capability of having up to four relay output modules installed. The PFM input is optically coupled for better noise immunity. 

Each relay output can be individually configured for:
  1. A)  Fixed minimum or adjustable differential (deadband).
  2. B)  High or Low level fail safe.
  3. C)  Adjustable time delay.
These selections are made by means of miniature selector switches located on the individual relay output modules. All relay output module functions are totally independent of other relay output modules.
An additional switch located on the main (microprocessor) board allows for selection of the overall operating mode as follows:
  1. A)  Normal operation.
  2. B)  Load sharing. This mode permits the sequential
    operation of two to four pumps or motors,
    alternated or rotated to prolong their life.
  3. C)  Test (self diagnostics). LED’s indicate transmitter (PFM) or receiver (RCVR) failure or
    calibration (CAL) error. 

Robertshaw Level Lance Multi-Point Controller (Probe is Extra)


  •   Microprocessor Based
  •   “Auto-Set” (Pushbutton Calibration
  •   Modular Construction
  •   Multi-Point Control (1-4) Relays, Using Only One Sensor (Probe)
  •   Economical, Cost Much Less Than 4 Individual Controls
  •   Up To 1 Mile Signal Transmission PFM to Controller Using 2 Plain Wires
  •   Independent Time Delay and Adjustable Differential For EACH Relay
  •   Lead/Lag Feature For Automatic Pump Alternation
  •   Heavy Duty 10 Amp Relays
  •   Self-Diagnostics With LED Failure Indication
  •   Designed For Maximum EMI and RFI Rejection
  •   Optical Isolation Between PFM and Controller
  •   Non-Volatile Calibration Memory
  •   Optional Indicating Lights

      Optional AC or DC Supply Power Optional
      Enclosures (NEMA 4, 4X or Explosion-Proof 

      UL and c-UL Listed 


Supply Voltage
Standard - 120/240 VAC
10%, 50/60 Hz Optional - 18 to 30 VDC
Supply Power
proof w/lights ... 48 Watts Max All other models ...... 20 Watts max
Control Range ................. 0 to 3000 pF
Adjustable Differential ....... 0.2 pF to 100% of Control Range
Fixed Differential .............. 0.1 pF
Adjustable Time Delay ...... 0 to 99 seconds
Ambient Temperature Effect
0.005 pF/deg F or 0.01%/deg F, whichever is greater
Supply Variation Effect ...... None Linearity ......................... 0.5% Resolution ...................... 0.1 pF Repeatability ................... 0.1 pF
Relay Output
Electro-Mechanical, DPDT

10 A @ 30 VDC,120 VAC, 240 VAC RES; 5 A @ 120 VAC IND;
3 A @ 240 VAC IND;
1/3 HP @ 120 VAC, 240 VAC

Maximum Distance Between Probe
and Transmitter ............... Fifteen (15) feet
Type of Interconnecting Cable
Coaxial, RG-62/U, rated 80
C minimum
Maximum Distance Between Transmitter and Controller ....................... One (1) mile
Type of Interconnecting Cable
Two (2) wires, twisted pair in grounded metal conduit or twisted, shielded pair in non-metallic conduit.
14 AWG Maximum rated 80
C minimum 


Ambient Temperature ....... -30to +140F (-34to +60C)
Storage Temperature ........ -40to +158F (-40to +70C)
Relative Humidity ... 0 to 95% (non-condensing) Vibration ........................ 2 G, 10 to 200 Hz Shock .................. 75 G for 11 msec


Controller Raintight -
Standard -
Optional -
Optional - Explosion Proof -
PFM Transmitter Raintight -
Standard -
Optional -
Polyurethane painted steel, Type 4 Fiberglass, Type 4X Stainless steel, Type 4X
Cast aluminum,
UL Listed
Class I, Group D;
Class II, Group E, F & G; Class I, Zone 1, Group IIA c-UL Listed

Class I, Group C & D; Class II, Group E, F & G; Class I, Zone 1,Group IIB
Polyurethane painted cast aluminum, Type 4
Gray epoxy painted cast aluminum, Type 4X 

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Robertshaw 5400 Multi-Point Capacitance Level Control

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Barksdale Explosion Proof Temperature Switches

Flow Factor Sells Hazardous Rated Barksdale Switches

Buy Barksdale Explosion Proof Switches HERE!

Oil & gas
Heat tracing
Printing machinery
Process equipment

Machine tools and industrial equipment

Click HERE for the Barksdale Catalog Page for L1X, T1X and T2X Switches

Barksdale's L1X, T1X & T2X Series Temperature Switches provide unmatched performance, quality & reliability in a mechanical thermostat - a safe solution for hazardous locations. The Barksdale single set point L1X & T1X and  the Barksdale dual set point T2X, can switch, measure & control temperatures from 50° to 650°F (-45° to 343°C), and meets Class 1, Div. 1 & 2 hazardous location requirements. The optional adjustable differential provides precise control. These Barksdale switches can be mounted locally for control directly at the source or remotely up to 25 feet. The Barksdale L1X, T1X & T2X Series are electrically rated for 10 amps @ 125/250 VAC & 3 amps @ 480 VAC. Standard 3 & 6 pin terminal strips simplify installation. The Barksdale L1X, T1X & T2X Series are rated NEMA 4, 7 & 9 and incorporate stainless steel temperature sensors to handle a wide range of media. Optional thermowells allow the sensor to work in pressurized vessels to 5000 psi. The Barksdale L1X, T1X & T2X Series are UL listed & CSA approved & ATEX Certified for hazardous zones within the European Community.

Barksdale T1X, L1X, T2X Explosion-Proff Temperature Switches


Explosion-Proof For Hazardous LocationsHigh Accuracy
Remote, local or Ambient Sensing
UL, CSA and ATEX approved
NEMA 4, 7 and 9 and IP66

Technical Specifications

Accuracy: ±1% of mid-60% of full range. At constant ambient +/- 0.5% of full scale. (Knob indication is reference only)

Switch: One (1) single pole double throw (SPDT) circuit.
               Two (2) independent single pole double throw (SPDT) circuits.

Electrical: All models incorporate Underwriters?? Laboratories, Inc. and CSA listed single pole double throw snap-action switching elements.         Switches may be wired normally open or normally closed.

Wetted Parts: 304 stainless steel

Electrical Connection:Single: 3-pin terminal strip 
                                             Dual: 6-pin terminal strip

Enclosure/Housing: Designed for hazardous locations: Class I, Division 1 & 2 
NEMA 4, 7, 9 & IP65 tamper-proof external adjustment, enclosed terminal strip.

Local Mount: Immersion length 2-1/16 inches

Bulb & Capillary: 6 and 12 foot length standard.

Temperature Range: -50 to 650ยบ F.

Adjustment: Tamper resistant external adjustment. Turn knob clockwise to increase setpoint. (Knob indication is reference only)

Standard Options: Thermowels, split nuts and union connections.

Weight: Single - approximate 3.0 lbs. Dual - approximate 7.0 lbs. 
                 Dual - approximate 7.0 lbs.

Approvals: Underwriters’ Laboratories, Inc. and Canadian Standard Assoc. are listed under Temperature indicating and regulating equipment, for use in hazardous locations, Class I, Groups B, C and D; Class II, Groups E, F and G. 

File No. E58658, Guide No. XBDV 
File No. LR34556, 
Guide 400-E-O.8. Class 4868. 
EX models are ATEX marked as follows:
CE 0081, ISSeP 08 ATEX024X
Ex II 2G D, Ex db IIC T6 Gb
Ex tb IIIC T80°C Db IP66
-40°C ≤ Tamb ≤ +75°C

Barksdale L1X Dual Switch Hazardous Area Temperature Switches

Barksdale T1X Dual Switch Hazardous Area Temperature Switches

Barksdale T2X Dual Switch Hazardous Area Temperature Switches

Flow Factor

Barksdale Explosion-Proof Mechanical Temperature Switches

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Jefferson Valves Series 1335 General Purpose Valves

Flow Factor Sells Jefferson 1335 Series Valves

1335 Series

2 Way Solenoid Valves – General Purpose

From Jefferson Valves

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Main Characteristic

Normally Closed and Normally Open
Direct Acting. No minimum differential pressure to operate
or Pilot Operated.
Brass or Stainless Steel Body
3/8″, 1/2″ and 3/4″ NPT (BSP  upon request)
Coil: Encapsulated Class H 356F with DIN Connectors or flying leads (upon request)
Wide Range of Pressure ratings,
Diaphragm: Buna N seats and seals (Neoprene, EPDM, and FKM available)


Washing Machines
Lubricated air, hot air dry air, etc.
Oxygen and acetylene equipments
Fuel oil, diesel and gas burners
Vacuum systems


Explosion Proof
Weather Proof
Manual Operator

Nema 4 and 7 Series 1335 Jefferson Solenoid Valve

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Flow Factor

Saturday, September 8, 2018

ASCO 8210 Series Valves from Flow Factor

ASCO 8210 Series Solenoid Valves - Popular Models


ASCO 8210G001 120/60 Solenoid Valve
ASCO 8210G001 24/DC Solenoid Valve
ASCO 8210G002 120/60 Solenoid Valve
ASCO 8210G002 24/DC Solenoid Valve
ASCO 8210G003 120/60 Solenoid Valve
ASCO 8210G003 24/DC Solenoid Valve
ASCO 8210G004 120/60 Solenoid Valve
ASCO 8210G004 24/DC Solenoid Valve
ASCO SC8210G004 24/DC Solenoid Valve
ASCO 8210G007 120/60 Solenoid Valve
ASCO 8210G008 120/60 Solenoid Valve
ASCO 8210G008 24/DC Solenoid Valve
ASCO 8210G009 120/60 Solenoid Valve
ASCO 8210G009 24/DC Solenoid Valve
ASCO 8210G022 120/60 Solenoid Valve
ASCO 8210G022 24/DC Solenoid Valve
ASCO 8210G034 120/60 Solenoid Valve
ASCO 8210G034 240/60 Solenoid Valve
ASCO 8210G034 24/DC Solenoid Valve
ASCO EF8210G037 120/60 Solenoid Valve
ASCO 8210G054 120/60 Solenoid Valve
ASCO 8210G054 24/DC Solenoid Valve
ASCO 8210G093 120/60 Solenoid Valve
ASCO 8210G093 24/DC Solenoid Valve
ASCO 8210G094 120/60 Solenoid Valve
ASCO 8210G094 24/DC Solenoid Valve
ASCO 8210G094MO 120/60 Solenoid Valve
ASCO 8210G095 120/60 Solenoid Valve
ASCO 8210G095 24/DC Solenoid Valve
ASCO 8210G100 120/60 Solenoid Valve
ASCO 8210G100 24/DC Solenoid Valve


Flow Factor

Friday, September 7, 2018

Solenoid Valve Coils from Parker Hannifin Skinner

Parker Hannifin Solenoid Coils from Flow Factor

Gold Ring and Skinner Brands

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H111B2                   Parker Coil KIT 24/60
H111C1                   Parker Coil KIT 12VDC
H111C2                   Parker Coil KIT 24VDC
H111C4                   Parker Coil KIT 48VDC
H111C6                   Parker Coil KIT 120 VDC
H111P3                   Parker Coil KIT 120/60
H111Q3                  Parker Coil KIT 240/60
H148P3                   Parker Coil KIT 120/60
H172P3                   Parker Coil KIT 120/60
H1GLC2                   Parker Coil KIT 24VDC
H1GLP3                   Parker Coil KIT 120/60
H2223N                  Parker Coil KIT 125VDC
H222C2                   Parker Coil KIT 24VDC
H222C4                   Parker Coil KIT 48VDC
H222C6                   Parker Coil KIT 120 VDC
H222C8                   Parker Coil KIT 240VDC
H222P3                   Parker Coil KIT 120/60
H222Q3                  Parker Coil KIT 240/60
H2723N                  Parker Coil KIT 125VDC
H272C6                   Parker Coil KIT 120 VDC
H322B2                   Parker Coil KIT 24/60
H322B6                   Parker Coil KIT 120/60
H322C1                   Parker Coil KIT 12VDC
H322C2                   Parker Coil KIT 24VDC
H322C6                   Parker Coil KIT 120 VDC
H322P3                   Parker Coil KIT 120/60
H322Q3                  Parker Coil KIT 240/60
H372C2                   Parker Coil KIT 24VDC
H611C2                   Parker Coil KIT 24VDC
H611P3                   Parker Coil KIT 120/60
H8GLP3                   Parker Coil KIT 120/60
HZ03C2                   Parker Coil KIT 24VDC
HZ04C2                   Parker Coil KIT 24VDC ATEX
HZ09C2                   Parker Coil KIT 24VDC ATEX
HZ09C6                   Parker Coil KIT 120 VDC ATEX
HZ09P3                   Parker Coil KIT 120/60 ATEX
HZ09Q3                  Parker Coil KIT 240/60 ATEX
HZ103N                  Parker Coil KIT 125VDC ATEX
HZ10C1                   Parker Coil KIT 12VDC ATEX
HZ10C2                   Parker Coil KIT 24VDC ATEX
HZ10C6                   Parker Coil KIT 120VDC ATEX
HZ10P3                   Parker Coil KIT 120/60 ATEX
HZ10Q3                  Parker Coil KIT 240/60 ATEX
HZ11C2                   Parker Coil KIT 24VDC ATEX
HZ96A2                  Parker Coil KIT 24/50 ATEX
HZ96B8                   Parker Coil KIT 240/60 ATEX                   
HZ96C2                   Parker Coil KIT 24VDC ATEX
HZ96F4                   Parker Coil KIT 230/50 ATEX
J111B2                    Parker Coil KIT 24/60
J111C1                    Parker Coil KIT 12VDC
J111C2                    Parker Coil KIT 24VDC
J111P3                    Parker Coil KIT 120/60
J111Q3                   Parker Coil KIT 240/60
J222C1                    Parker Coil KIT 12VDC
J222C2                    Parker Coil KIT 24VDC
J222P3                    Parker Coil KIT 120/60
J322C1                    Parker Coil KIT 12VDC
J322C2                    Parker Coil KIT 24VDC
J322P3                    Parker Coil KIT 120/60
JB16-12VDC          Parker Coil 12VDC    
L111B2                    Parker Coil KIT 24VDC
L111C1                    Parker Coil KIT 12VDC
L111C2                    Parker Coil KIT 24VDC
L111P3                    Parker Coil KIT 120/60
L111Q3                   Parker Coil KIT 240/60
L148P3                    Parker Coil KIT 120/60
L222C1                    Parker Coil KIT 12VDC
L222C2                    Parker Coil KIT 24VDC
L222P3                    Parker Coil KIT 120/60
L222Q3                   Parker Coil KIT 240/60
L2A                           Parker Coil KIT 12VDC
L2B                           Parker Coil KIT 24VDC
L2E                           Parker Coil KIT 24/60
L2F                           Parker Coil KIT 120/60
L2G                           Parker Coil KIT 240/60
L322C1                    Parker Coil KIT 12VDC
L322C2                    Parker Coil KIT 24VDC
L322P3                    Parker Coil KIT 120/60
L322Q3                   Parker Coil KIT 240/60
LZ12C2                    Parker Coil KIT 24VDC
LZ30C2                    Parker Coil KIT 24VDC
S100B2                   Parker Coil KIT 24/60
S100C2                   Parker Coil KIT 24VDC
S100P3                   Parker Coil KIT 120/60
S100Q3                  Parker Coil KIT 240/60
S200B2                   Parker Coil KIT 24/60
S200C2                   Parker Coil KIT 24VDC
S200C6                   Parker Coil KIT 120 VDC
S200P3                   Parker Coil KIT 120/60
S2TBC2                   Parker Coil KIT 24VDC
S2TBC6                   Parker Coil KIT 120 VDC
S2TBP3                   Parker Coil KIT 120/60
S2TBQ3                  Parker Coil KIT 240/60
S300C1                   Parker Coil KIT 12VDC
S300C2                   Parker Coil KIT 24VDC
S300P3                   Parker Coil KIT 120/60
S3TBC2                   Parker Coil KIT 24VDC
T100B2                   Parker Coil KIT 24/60
T100C1                   Parker Coil KIT 12VDC
T100C2                   Parker Coil KIT 24VDC
T100C3                   Parker Coil KIT 36VDC
T100P0                   Parker Coil KIT 24/50-60
T100P3                   Parker Coil KIT 120/60
T101C1                   Parker Coil KIT 12VDC
T101C2                   Parker Coil KIT 24VDC
T101P3                   Parker Coil KIT 120/60
T101Q3                  Parker Coil KIT 240/60
T2A                          Parker Coil KIT 12VDC
T2B                           Parker Coil KIT 24VDC
T2E                           Parker Coil KIT 24/60
T2F                           Parker Coil KIT 120/60
T2G                          Parker Coil KIT 240/60
V5630F24              Parker Coil 63-73 OHMS              
V5631F24              Parker Coil 134-158 OHMS            
V5634F24              Parker Coil 561.2-658.8 OHMS        
V57724F24           Parker Coil 4.0-4.9 OHMS            
V57724FS81         Parker Coil 4.0-4.9 OHMS            
V57727F24           Parker Coil 14.9-17.5 OHMS          
V57727FS81         Parker Coil 14.9-17.5 OHMS          
V57730F24           Parker Coil 60-70 OHMS              
V57730FS81         Parker Coil 60-70 OHMS              
V57731F24           Parker Coil 125-147 OHMS            
V57731FS81         Parker Coil 125-147 OHMS            
V57734F24           Parker Coil 482-588 OHMS            
V57736F24           Parker Coil 1288-1512 OHMS          
VZ03C2                   Parker Coil KIT 24VDC ATEX                    
VZ03P2                   Parker Coil KIT 110VAC ATEX                     

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