Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Parker Angle Body Valves from Flow Factor

Flow Factor sells Parker Air Operated Angle Body Valves

The Parker PA Series Valves Features

Compact design, high flow rates 
• Visual position indicator standard 
• For temperatures from 14°F to 356°F / -10°C to 180°C 
• Working pressures up to 16 Bar, 232 psi 
• Dampened closing anti-water hammer design (fluid under seat) 
• Metal actuator housing for exceptional durability in steam & mildly aggressive applications 
• Valves satisfy the Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC 
• Mountable in any position 
• Tight shut-off and Long Service Life 

• Valve seats and body gaskets fully repairable 

Technical Specifications 
Body Material: 304 SS or 316 SS 
Function: 2/2 NC, NO, NC(antiwater hammer), double acting (with spring) 
Nominal sizes: DN10-DN65, 3/8” to 2 ½” 
Connections: Threads- BSP,BSPT,NPT,NPTF 
Welded- ISO1127/4200, DIN 11850.1, DIN 11850.2, DIN 11850.3, 
SMS3008, ASME BPE  Flanges 

Max Working Pressure: 16 BAR, 232 PSI 
Differential Pressure: See Specification Charts 
Pilot Pressure 3 Bar to 10 Bar. 43.5 PSI to 145 PSI 
Actuator Material: 304 SS, or Aluminum 
Maximum Fluid Temp: -10°C to 180°C, 14°F to 356°F 
Ambient Temperature: -10°C to 60°C, 14°F to 140°F 
Seat Seal material: PTFE/RTFE 
Packing Gland: PTFE. PTFE and Carbon 
Viscosity: Maximum 600mm2/s( 600cSt, 80° E, 2700 SSU 
Vacuum: maximum 0.0295 mercury (Hg) 
Leakage: ANSI Class VI shutoff 
Installation: Any Position 
Optical Position Indicator: Standard on all sizes 
Pilot Control Media: Air, Neutral Gas, Water 
Fluids handled: Inert gases, hot water, oils, steam, aggressive and corrosive fluids 
Pilot Port Size: 1/8” for 32,40,50, & 63 mm actuators, ¼” for 80, 100 mm actuators 

Applications for Parker Angle Body valves:
Food and Beverage Processing
Water Technology and Treatment
Textile Industry
Cooling systems on injection Molding Machines
Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Industry
Chemical Process Technology
Refrigeration and Cooling Exchangers
Sterilizers Steam Supply
Mining, Cement, Concrete, Paper
General Industries of Aggressive Fluid
industrial Laundry Equipment
Air Dryers

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