Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Parker Premier Valve Repair Kits

Flow Factor stocks Parker GP Valve Repair Kits

The Parker Series GP valves consists of 1/4 inch to 1 inch valves for commercial Water and Steam service. These are known as the GP series valves.
GP200, GP207, GP257, GP300, GP307, GP357, GP400, GP407, GP457, GP600, GP607, GP657, GP10A, GP1007, GP1057

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Flow Factor stock most of the kits for this series.
Kit Model and Part  numbers are:

GP200-R  76723, GP207-R   76724, GP257-R  76725, GP300-R  76727,
GP307-R  76728, GP357-R   76729, GP400-R  76727, GP407-R   76728,
GP457-R   76729, GP600-R  76731, GP607-R  76732, GP657-R  76733,
GP10A-R  76762, GP1007-R  76799, GP1057-R  76738

GP357 / GP457 Valve Repair Kit

GP10A Valve Repair Kit

GP207 Valve Repair Kit

All the kid are similar with the O-Ring, Mesh, Spring(s), Diaphragm and Core Tube

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