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King Gage ~ Purge Control (Down Pipe) Level Control

Level Control at Flow Factor - Bubbler style


A King downpipe is the simplest type of liquid level sensor, often referred to as a “bubbler." This is merely a length of open ended pipe that extends downward into the tank. LiquiSeal™ or Purge Control differential pressure air flow regulators are highly refined versions of the basic bubbler air control.

Continuous Level Measurement
Simple Proven Sensing Technique
Suitable for Corrosive or Aggressive Liquids
When purged with compressed air, liquid within the downpipe is displaced by air pressure equal to the hydrostatic force of liquid in the tank. If carefully regulated at a low rate of flow, air pressure will constantly maintain equilibrium against the force of the liquid. Air escapes out through the bottom of the pipe unless needed to increase pressure as liquid force (depth) increases.

788 D/P Purge Control is a differential pressure regulator and air flow control. It generates a constant flow of compressed air to purge a downpipe. Its integral differential pressure transmitter provides 4-20 mAdc output proportional to liquid level.

The primary sensor element is typically 3/4 in. diameter pipe purchased from a local source. Always select piping material for compatibility with the tank contents. Downpipe purge systems can be used to measure virtually any type of liquid product including resins, asphalt or corrosive materials.

Output is proportional to liquid depth and can be transmitted as an electronic 4-20 mA signal or pneumatically as a direct 1:1 pressure signal.

LiquiSeal D/P purge control is a fully integrated air purge regulator and level transmitter. Operation is based on the control regulating a continuous 1 cfh (cubic foot per hour) flow of compressed air into the tank downpipe. An internal differential pressure sensor element converts resulting pressure into a 4-20 mA dc two wire signal.

788 D/P Purge Control is a more basic differential pressure regulator and air flow control. It generates a constant flow of compressed air to purge a downpipe. Its integral differential pressure transmitter provides 4-20 mAdc output proportional to liquid level. 780 Purge Control is an all-pneumatic version that does not include the integral transmitter. It provides a 1:1 pressure signal to a compatible indicator or external transducer through 1/4 in. airline tubing. The purge control holds a fixed pressure differential across a precision orifice to ensure constant flow rate of 1 cfh (cubic foot per hour). This regulated low flow rate makes it possible to maintain a linear 1:1 response of the sensing system. In this way, back pressure sensed is equivalent to the hydrostatic head pressure due to actual liquid depth.

Pneumatic Output Signal
Purge Control or LiquiSeal Control provides air pressure signal to an external transmitter or compatible indicator (with integral transducer). Typically, 1/4” poly or soft copper tubing is used to convey the pressure signal up to 1000 feet from the tank.

Electronic 4-20 mA Output
D/P Purge Control or D/P LiquiSeal transmitter provides a 4-20 mA output over a two wire cable to an indicator or the analog I/O of a PLC. Using twisted pair shielded cabling permits transmission distances of several thousand feet to a remote receiver.

Hazardous Zone Service - The downpipe sensor and pneumatic components are fully compatible with explosion hazard environments. This makes pneumatic the sensible alternative for hazardous areas without the cost and complications of intrinsic safety barriers or explosion-proof products.*

Transmitter turndown ratio is 3:1 for the 0–15, 0–30, 0–50 psid nominal ranges.

Nominal      Minimum     Range of Adjustment
0–5 psid     0–3 psid    0–83 in. thru 0–138 in. water / 0–2.1 m thru 0–3.5 m water
0–10 psid   0–3 psid    0–83 in. thru 0–277 in. water / 0–2.1 m thru 0–7.0 m water
0–15 psid   0–3 psid    0–83 in. thru 0–415 in. water / 0–2.1 m thru 0–10.5 m water
0–30 psid   0–10 psid  0–277 in. thru 0–830 in. water / 0–7.0 m thru 0–21.0 m water
0–50 psid   0–15 psid  0–415 in. thru 0–1384 in. water / 0–10.5 m thru 0–35.1 m water

IMPORTANT! Accuracy, linearity, and non-repeatability values are based on nominal range.

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King Gage Liquid Level Transmitters

Flow Factor sells KING GAGE Level Systems

Common applications are:

  • Beverages
  • Fats & Oils
  • Dairy Products
  • Fruit & Vegetable Juices
  • Sauces & Condiments
  • Confectionery

KING-GAGE® ES2 transmitters provide liquid level measurement for inventory monitoring. Add to their rugged reliability the major benefits of simplified service and maintenance. Performance characteristics of these transmitters include excellent stability and repeatability (better than 0.02% FS). Transmitter span accommodates a 3:1 turndown ratio* to match the application pressure range (i.e. tank depth) and the 4-20 mAdc output is compatible with PLCs or other control architecture using analog I/O.
KING-GAGE ES2 transmitters are applicable to most tanks or process vessels whose contents remain at normal atmospheric pressure. They measure hydrostatic head pressure created by liquid depth in the tank and are unaffected by foaming or internal obstructions such as agitators. Unlike load cells, pressure based measurement has lower installation cost and is far simpler to maintain thus ensuring more reliable readings. 
Transmitters used in sanitary processing must often endure cycles of rapid temperature fluctuation. Washdown environments produce significant condensation on metallic surfaces that coupled with aggressive cleansing agents demand robust protection for these instruments. The ES2 transmitter's enhanced design uses encapsulation for full isolation of the internal electronics. This extends to the IP68 grade M12 signal connector that ensure integrity and long term reliability. You can be assured of a transmitter truly built for the demands and expectations of today's processing environment.
Sanitary Configurations
These sensors are especially suited to a wide range of sanitary applications on storage or continuous processing vessels. The 316 stainless diaphragm is appropriate for flush mount, clean-in-place installation employing an FDA-approved silicone rubber O-ring seal to achieve the crevice-free, positive compression seal between diaphragm and tank liner. Sanitary tank mountings include flush weld mountings with product contact surfaces of 316L stainless. (Quick disconnect sanitary adapters are also available for sensor mounting.)

*3:1 turndown ratio is applicable to 0-10 and 0-30 nominal range, refer to specifications for detailed span adjustment available on specific range models.
Mounting Options
Flush-mounting configurations are intended to meet the 3-A Sanitary Standards for clean-in-place applications. The ES2 transmitter fits directly into KING-GAGE tank shells or with an adapter on other manufacturers' mounting shells.

Installation Options
The KING-GAGE ES2 transmitter offers a choice of configurations to match your application needs. The integral stainless steel housing shown here includes a watertight connector for signal cable installation. Mounting lengths offered are intended to mate with tank fittings on non-insulated (singlewall) or insulated wall tanks. Adapters provide additional mounting options when retrofitting systems from other manufacturers.

LevelBAR Tank Level Indicator

• Visual Display of Tank Levels
• Custom Scale for Weight or Volume
• Direct Replacement for Manometer Gauges
• 4-20 mA output signal available to PLC 

The LevelBAR multi-segment LED column display includes an individualized scale calibrated to the actual tank capacity. Marked in any specified unit(s) of measurement, it permits direct reading of total liquid weight or volume. This unique analog column indicator works as a local or auxiliary remote display in new or retrofit applications.

Pneumatic input models include an integrated differential pressure (D/P) element. This allows LevelBAR to be used with bubblers or other air operated systems as a direct replacement for mercury tank gauges or other fluid-filled manometers. It even provides 4-20 mA output compatible with other receivers or to use for process control functions.

LP2 Multiple Tank Digital Indicator

•  8 Tank Multiple Channel Capacity
•  Operator Interface Display & Keypad
•  RS-485 Multidrop Communications

LP2 Multiple Tank Indicators expresses tank level directly in engineering units. Referencing a capacity profile to correlate transmitter output to actual tank geometry, the indicator formats the resulting value directly as the total weight or volume of liquid in the tank. LP2 Multiple Tank Indicator provides an operator interface keypad for access to function selection and density adjustments. There are no user conversion factors involved or scaling points to enter. All application details are factory programmed into an innovative nonvolatile modular memory called the Datapack iButton.

LP2 multiple tank indicators accept up to eight input channels that receive proportional 4-20 mA signals from liquid level transmitters. The actual sensor used to detect hydrostatic pressure created by liquid depth can be either electronic or pneumatic (using an electronic pressure transmitter to convert the sensor's pneumatic signal into 4-20 mA output).

LP2 multiple tank indicators can be used to eliminate analog I/O at your PLC or PC-based control system. As data acquisition hubs, each LP2 tank level indicator provides multiple point serial communications. An expandable network of up to 32 discrete indicators can be installed on a single two wire network (RS-485) for total of 256 possible input channels. Dual serial ports support multiple network configurations including query-response communications with a computer (or PLC), remote satellite displays, or interface to a KING-GAGE® LP3 system.

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Industrial Circulation / Tankless Heaters

Flow Factor provides in pipe heaters for heating liquids and gases.
Inline pipe heaters are also known as circulation heaters, tankless heaters, in-line heaters or instantaneous heaters.
Industrial circulation heaters are packaged units consisting of a screwplug or flanged immersion heater mounted in a thermally insulated heating chamber for efficient heating of a flowing medium by in-line (tankless) or side-arm operation. Thermocouple sensors can be provided to connect to most any controller. Select from many terminal enclosures, sheath and vessel materials, flanged connections, and controls. Many models in stock.

Circulation heaters provide a ready-made means to install electric heating with a minimal amount of time and labor. This is accomplished by combining heating elements, vessel, insulation, terminal enclosure, mounting brackets and inlet and outlet connections into a complete assembly.
Made from NPT screw plug or ANSI flange heater assemblies mated with a pressure vessel (tank), circulation heaters are designed to heat forced-circulation air, gases or liquids. Ideal for either in-line or side-arm operations, these assemblies direct fluids past FIREBAR® or WATROD™ heating elements, to deliver fast response and even heat distribution.
Applications include: Water Heating, Freeze Protection, Heat Transfer Oil Heating, Fuel Oil Heating, Stea, Air, and Gas Heating and others.

• Watt densities up to 120 W/in2 (18.6 W/cm2)
• Wattages to three megawatts
• UL® and CSA component recognition up to 600VAC (FIREBAR to 480VAC)
• Ratings to ANSI Class 600 pressure class
• Incoloy® sheath temperatures up to 1600°F (870°C)
• Passivated 316 stainless steel sheath temperatures up to 1200°F (650°C)
• Steel sheath temperatures to 750°F (400°C) • Copper sheath temperatures to 350°F (175°C) • Up to 3000psi design pressure
Clean Water Heaters are ideal for heating municipal water for industrial washing and rinsing processes. Other applications include indirect heating of viscous liquids and temperature maintenance of storage tanks.
Light and Medium Weight Oil Heaters are ideal for temperature maintenance and for improving flow characteristics of oils. Heavy or Fuel Oil Heaters will reduce the viscosity, thereby improving flow and process efficiency.
Industrial circulation heaters provide a cost effective means for heating air and common industrial gases such as Argon, Helium and Nitrogen. They can also be used to increase the enthalpy and quality of steam.
Mild corrosive heaters allow the heating of solutions using stainless elements and a passivated stainless pipe body. Highly corrosive solutions and oils can be heated with the low watt density INCOLOY® sheath elements coupled with a passivated Stainless Steel pipe body, providing long service life.

Typical Applications
Water: • Deionized • Demineralized • Clean • Potable • Process • Industrial water rinse tanks •

Lubricating oils at API specified watt densities • Heat transfer oil • Paraffin • Caustic cleaners •
Hydraulic oil, crude, asphalt

Nitrogen, hydrogen and other air/gas systems • Superheating steam

Wattages and Voltages
Watlow routinely supplies circulation heaters from 120 to 600VAC (WATROD to 600VAC) as well as wattages from 500 watts to three megawatts. If required, Watlow will configure circulation heaters with voltages and wattages outside these parameters.

Weatherproof Protective Steel Jacket (Shroud)
To protect circulation heaters from weather or wash-down conditions, fully welded (weatherproof) or partially welded (standard) outer protective steel jackets are available. Standard steel, or made-to-order 304 or 316 stainless steel can be supplied. Jacket diameter is dependent upon thermal insulation thickness.

Stand-off Terminal Enclosures
Stand-off terminal enclosures help protect terminal enclosures against excessive temperatures.
ASME Pressure Vessel Code Welding
Flange or screw plug assemblies can be provided with an ASME Section VIII or Section I, Div. I pressure vessel stamp upon request.
Branch Circuits
Branch circuits are designed for 48 amperes per circuit maximum. Contact a Watlow representative for circuit requirements other than those listed in the stock charts.

Certified Assemblies
CSA, ATEX or IEC Ex certified moisture and/or explosion resistant terminal enclosures protect wiring in hazardous gas environments. These terminal enclosures, covered under CSA file number 61707, ATEX certificate # KEMA 07ATEX0172X or IEC Ex certificate # IEC Ex CSA 09.0010 are available on WATROD flange heaters.

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