Thursday, August 30, 2018

Parker 04F20C1106AAF4C05 2-Way Valve

Flow Factor Special for Parker Gold Ring 04F20C1106AAF4C05.

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We have an overstock in these valves.

Special $49.95 price each.
Valve is a 2-Way 1/4 inch ported valve.
Pressure rating is 0-340 for water, 0-360 for Air and 0-160 for oil.
NEMA 4  120/60 coil assembled to valve.

Flow Factor

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Parker Hannifin Skinner Solenoid Coils

Flow Factor sells Parker Hannifin Solenoid Valve coils

Skinner Brand - Gold Ring Brand - Lucifer Brand

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A7724F24  Parker Coil 8.8-10.2 OHMS            
A7727F24  Parker Coil 31-37 OHMS               
A7731F6  Parker Coil 202.4-237.6 OHMS         
A7734F6  Parker Coil 838-972 OHMS             
AB720S24  Parker Coil 1.3-1.6 OHMS             
AB728S24  Parker Coil 33.6-39.4 OHMS           
AB731S24  Parker Coil 137-161 OHMS             
AF4C01  Parker Coil24 vac, 6 Watts
AF4C05  Parker Coil 120/60-110/50 6 Watts 18 Inch leads
AF4C15  Parker Coil 240/60-220/50  6W 18 Inch leads
AFEC05  Parker Coil 120/60  Parker Coil              
AFEC15  Parker Coil 240/60  Parker Coil              
AFGC01  Parker Coil 24/60V 6W 18 Inch leads
AFOC05  Parker Coil 120/60V 6.9W
AFOS05  Parker Coil 120/60V 6.9W
AFOS15  Parker Coil 240/60V 
AFPH01  Parker Coil 24/60V 6W DIN          
AFPH05  Parker Coil 120/60-110/50V 6W DIN  
AFPH15  Parker Coil 240/60-220/50V 6W DIN  
AFSB01  Parker Coil 24/60V 6W 6 Inch leads SPBX        
AFSB05  Parker Coil 120/60V 6W 6 Inch leads SPBX       
AFSB15  Parker Coil 240/60V 6W 6 Inch leads SPBX       
AH4C05  Parker Coil 120/60-110/50  6W 18 Inch leads
AOCH133P629  Parker Coil 169-199 OHMS             
AV5D127EA22  Parker Coil 17-19 OHMS               
AV5D127HA32  Parker Coil 17-19 OHMS               
AV5D130HA32  Parker Coil 62-74 OHMS               
AV5L131P154  Parker Coil 125-147 OHMS             
AX5D131P144  Parker Coil 134-158 OHMS             
B233  Parker Coil 79.7-93.5 OHMS           
B4A  Parker Coil KIT 12VDC
B4B  Parker Coil KIT 24VDC
B4E  Parker Coil KIT 24/60
B4F  Parker Coil KIT 120/60
B4G  Parker Coil KIT 240/60
B625N24  Parker Coil 1.4-1.6 OHMS             
B630N24  Parker Coil 19.9-23.3 OHMS           
B633N24  Parker Coil 86-100 OHMS              
B636N24  Parker Coil 317-387 OHMS             
B639N24  Parker Coil 1337-1569 OHMS           
B733S24  Parker Coil 79.7-95.3 OHMS           
B736S24  Parker Coil 305-359 OHMS             
BF4C01  Parker Coil 24/60 10.2W          
BF4C05  Parker Coil 120/60-110/50 10.2W  
BF4C15  Parker Coil 240/60-220/50 10.2W  
BFEC05  Parker Coil 120/60  Parker Coil              
BFOS05  Parker Coil 120/60-110/50V 10.2W  
BFPH05  Parker Coil 120/60-110/50V 10.2W DIN
BFPH15  Parker Coil 240/60-220/50V 10.2W DIN
BFSB05  Parker Coil 120/60V 10.2W 6 Inch leads_SPBX    
BH4C05  Parker Coil 120/60-110/50 10.2W 18 Inch leads   
BH736DW24  Parker Coil 305-359 OHMS             
BHPH15  Parker Coil CFP H 240/60-220/50V 10.2W DIN
BZ01C1  Parker Coil KIT 12VDC
BZ01C2  Parker Coil KIT 24VDC
C1112K  Parker Coil KIT 208/60
C1118P  Parker Coil KIT 100-110 vac
C1119P  Parker Coil KIT 200-220 vac
C111B2  Parker Coil KIT 24/60
C111B6  Parker Coil KIT 120/60
C111B8  Parker Coil KIT 240/60
C111C1  Parker Coil KIT 12VDC
C111C2  Parker Coil KIT 24VDC
C111C4  Parker Coil KIT 48VDC
C111C6  Parker Coil KIT 120 VDC
C111C8  Parker Coil KIT 240VDC
C111P0  Parker Coil KIT 24/50-60
C111P3  Parker Coil KIT 120/60
C111Q3  Parker Coil KIT 240/60
C111Q8  Parker Coil KIT 480/60
C148B2  Parker Coil KIT 24/60
C148C1  Parker Coil KIT 12VDC
C148C2  Parker Coil KIT 24VDC
C148P3  Parker Coil KIT 120/60
C1GLC2  Parker Coil KIT 24VDC
C1GLP3  Parker Coil KIT 120/60
C1GLQ3  Parker Coil KIT 240/60
C2222K  Parker Coil KIT 208/60
C2223N  Parker Coil KIT 125VDC
C222B2  Parker Coil KIT 24/60
C222C1  Parker Coil KIT 12VDC
C222C2  Parker Coil KIT 24VDC
C222C6  Parker Coil KIT 120 VDC
C222P3  Parker Coil KIT 120/60
C222Q3  Parker Coil KIT 240/60
C322B2  Parker Coil KIT 24/60
C322B6  Parker Coil KIT 120/60
C322C1  Parker Coil KIT 12VDC
C322C2  Parker Coil KIT 24VDC
C322P3  Parker Coil KIT 120/60
C322Q3  Parker Coil KIT 240/60
C4A  Parker Coil KIT 12VDC
C4B  Parker Coil KIT 24VDC
C4E  Parker Coil KIT 24/60
C4F  Parker Coil KIT 120/60
C4G  Parker Coil KIT 240/60
C5B  Parker Coil KIT 24VDC
C5E  Parker Coil KIT 24/60
C5F  Parker Coil KIT 120/60
C5G  Parker Coil KIT 240/60
C8GLP3  Parker Coil KIT 120/60                
C8GLQ3  Parker Coil KIT 240/60
CC628F24  Parker Coil 18.9-22.1 OHMS           
CC631F24  Parker Coil 77-91 OHMS               
CC633F24  Parker Coil 184-216 OHMS             
CC636F24  Parker Coil 708-832 OHMS             
CC7726F24  Parker Coil 7-8.2 OHMS               
CC7728F24  Parker Coil 19.7-23.1 OHMS           
CC7731F24  Parker Coil 76.6-90 OHMS             
CC7733F24  Parker Coil 169-199 OHMS             
CC7736F24  Parker Coil 708-832 OHMS             
CCH733T24  Parker Coil 169-199 OHMS             

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Monday, August 13, 2018

Parker Solenoid Valves and Types of Fluids

Parker Solenoid Valves from Flow Factor

How Fluid Type Affects Solenoid Valve Choices

In industrial applications, the successful transfer of fluids requires different types of valves to open and close the flow. Solenoid valves are a popular choice because they offer rapid automatic opening and closing, remote control and high process security.

Fluid considerations

The type of fluid being used in a production process may potentially reduce the operational lifetime of a solenoid valve. Why so? Well, many parts of the valve, such as the body, mechanism and seals, will be in direct contact with the fluid. In diverse industrial applications, the fluids may include aggressive media like cleaning agents and reagents used in food processing, car washing and industrial washing applications. These fluids require the careful selection of a solenoid valve to do the job safely, reliably and effectively.  
The materials used in the valve should not influence the chemical composition of the fluid, i.e. breakdown and contaminate, especially in the food and beverage industry. Here, for processes such as the cleaning of bottles or machinery, a solenoid valve using lead-based materials could not be specified for obvious reasons. Instead, stainless steel is more appropriate, which is the case in the medical and pharmaceutical sectors too.

Impact on choice

It is important to avoid comparing solenoid valves, feature by feature, when looking to specify the right product for an installation. However, on many occasions the specific application must guide the common sense choice. For instance, where maximum working life is required, such as in outdoor service scenarios, then corrosion resistance must be a priority. Similarly, one must also factor in the presence of an explosion-risk environment, such as those found in the oil and gas and petrochemical sectors.
An example of a solenoid valve developed for use in challenging applications where aggressive chemicals or fluids are present is the Parker 221G series stainless steel solenoid valve. The use of high-grade 316L stainless steel as the valve body material is significant as in harsh environments it gives increased system reliability and, in turn, improved operational performance and productivity. In fact, it has shown to deliver 30% more life on average (depending on the application) versus some other technologies.
Offering wide-ranging chemical compatibility is vital, and the 221G series valve has been designed to be 30% more resistant in corrosive environments. The use of fluoroelastomer (FKM) seals aids dependable operation under severe chemical conditions and at higher temperatures where many other seal materials may perish or otherwise lose their integrity. Degrading seals can lead to fluid leaks and the associated safety risks and costly downtime. FKM seals are especially well suited to arduous conditions with petroleum fuels, mineral-based hydraulic fluids or other solvents present. 

Flow Factor