Sunday, July 31, 2016

Carlo Gavazzi Soft Starters for Pumping Applications

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April 2016 – CARLO GAVAZZI is proud to announce the launch of the RSWT Series, the self-optimizing soft starting solution for water pumps up to 75Hp. The global demand for water is expected to see a consistent growth over the coming years. As a result of the growing population across the globe, there is more demand for water facilities and therefore pumps. Achieving optimal control during starting and stopping of a pump can be challenging. Unless proper solutions are adopted, some undesired effects such as water hammering, cavitation and voltage disturbances can result.

The RSWT Series is a 3-phase pump soft starter, in which all three phases are controlled to achieve current balancing on all phases, to minimize vibrations during starting and stopping of centrifugal pumps, and to minimize the inrush current. Through a dedicated self-learning algorithm, the RSWT Series achieves very smooth starting and stopping, with minimal setting adjustments required from the user. Within three to six starts, the RSWT Series reaches optimization. On a positive note, the self-learning routine is active at ensuing starts to ensure optimal starting and stopping parameters are used even if the load changes. This results in less water hammering and reduces the risk of cavitation.
Two RSWT Series types are offered: the V00/V01 provides a single adjustment setting for the soft-starting and stopping time of the pump, whereas the V10/V11 includes Class 10 overload protection and soft starting and stopping times that can be individually set for more accurate pump control. With the launch of the RSWT Series, CARLO GAVAZZI has further strengthened its soft starter portfolio, by offering yet another ideal solution, directed at a specific application for markets such as agriculture, water treatment, and HVAC.
Other specifications and features include:
Output voltage rating up to 600VAC
45mm housing for up to 20HP (25A)switching
75mm housing for up to 50HP (55A) switching
90mm housing for up to 75HP (90A) switching
LED indication for status and alarms
Diagnostic alarm outputs
Self-learning algorithm for centrifugal pumps
cUL Listed and CE